Costco Now REQUIRES You To Wear A Mask Before Entering Their Warehouse

As more and more people flock to Costco to stock up  during this period of self isolation, the national warehouse club has been having to update their policies pretty frequently to ensure the safety of all its members and guests. The latest in these policies is a new requirement that everyone looking to enter their warehouse will be required to wear a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Effective May 4, the company announced that all Costco members and guests will have to wear a mask or face covering that covers the mouth and nose at all times while inside their warehouses.

The only exceptions will be children under the age of two or individuals who can’t wear a face covering because of an existing medical condition.

Costco also stresses that this policy is definitely not a substitute for social distancing (which should always be practiced throughout this pandemic). Looks like if you’re planning to go to Costco next week, you better have a mask ready. Otherwise you’ll be waiting in that long line for nothing.

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Starbucks Officially Says You Don’t Have To Buy Anything To Sit In Their Stores

Starbucks was under fire last month over an incident in Philadelphia involving the arrest of two African-American men who were waiting in the store, but not buying anything.

While the national coffee chain will still hold employee racial-bias training at the end of the month, Starbucks also went ahead and announced a major change in policy.

According to an official release, the coffee chain stated that any customer is now “welcome to use Starbucks spaces, including our restrooms, cafes and patios, regardless of whether they make a purchase.”

This means you can now sit at a Starbucks, use their bathrooms, and free WiFi without having to pay for a beverage or pastry. If you’re working remotely, and you need a quick WiFi connection, you’ll no longer feel obligated to buy a (relatively) cheap cup of brewed coffee just to send a few different files.


So far, the only stipulations they have are that guests: use the spaces as intended, be considerate of other guests, communicate respect, and act responsibly. Just don’t bring all of your household appliances to recharge or cause a ruckus, and you should be fine.

In a week, Starbucks will be closing all of their stores nationwide for an afternoon to hold that racial-bias seminar. If you need your coffee fix, plan accordingly.


Joe’s Crab Shack Just Became The First MAJOR Restaurant Chain To Ban Tipping


Last month, restauranteur Danny Meyer implemented a much talked-about “No Tipping” rule at his restaurants. Rather than leaving money for their servers, patrons would see a slight price increase in their meals and servers would be paid a higher hourly wage.

Now, in a major move, Joe’s Crab Shack has become the first major chain to implement that No Tipping policy at 18 of their major units. Restaurant Business reports that servers will see a starting pay bump of $14 an hour. While $14 is the base, servers actual wages will vary depending on their past performance.

Joe’s parent company, Ignite Restaurant Group, says that the pay increases will come from the 12 to 15 percent price elevation for menu items. According to Ignite CEO Ray Blanchette, the test began in August and have been implemented in more Joe’s Crab Shacks as recently as last Tuesday.

Blanchette says that the new wage model also fixes some wage problems at the restaurant locations. Waiters and waitresses at Joe’s are usually against having help when it comes to a large table because it means splitting tips. Now, no matter how large the party, tip sharing will not be an issue at the 18 test cities.

Joe’s will continue testing this new model through the end of the year.