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Pop-Tarts Called The Cops On A Man Who Puts Mustard On Their Product

Turns out the folks at Pop-Tarts have a breaking point.

FOX News reports that Pop-Tarts came across a man who had a very unconventional way of enjoying his toaster pastries. In a now deleted tweet, the guy said would spread yellow mustard onto his Dunkin’ Donuts Vanilla Latte-flavored Pop-Tarts.

Gross, but to each his own.

After seeing this, however, Pop-Tarts retweeted the post and then tagged the Illinois State Police.

To which the Illionois State Police replied:

Talk about putting a guy on blast.

The original poster has since deleted his image featuring the breakfast pastry covered in mustard. Hopefully he know’s this is all in jest and the cops aren’t actually after him.

Still, Pop-Tart aficionados, be aware of what photos you post on social media involving Pop-Tarts. Chances are you’ll get called out if they think you’re doing it wrong.

Looks like I’ll be eating my Cinnamon Brown Sugar Pop-Tarts and anchovies away from social media.

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Man Films Police Officer Taking Money From Berkeley Hot Dog Vendor

A University of California police officer was filmed taking money from the wallet of a Berkeley hot dog vendor, as he was citing the man for illegal vending. The video, posted on Facebook Sept. 9, has generated more than 10 million views and an outpouring of support, donations, and questions about the officer’s actions.

Thanks to some quick thinking and generosity, Martin Flores, the man who filmed the incident, also set up a GoFundMe account, “OfficialJustice4Juan&StreetVendors”  which surpassed its $10,000 goal within hours.

As Flores was taking his family to grab hot dogs after a Cal Bears game, he saw the officers citing the man now known as Juan, pulled out his phone, and started filming. Flores began questioning the officer about why he took the man’s money.

“You’re going to take his hard earned money,” rebuked Flores.

“Yup,” the officer responds.

“That’s not right, man,” Flores said to the officer. “People can drink on campus, during football games with no tickets, but a hard working man selling hot dogs, earning a living  gets his money taken away — and a ticket — wow!”

“He doesn’t have a permit,”  the officer replied. “Yup, this is law and order in action.”

However, it’s unclear if actually taking a civilian’s money is a standard protocol for police officers when citing food vendors. The East Bay Times reported that UCPD is, “investigating this weekend’s citation and apparent confiscation of money earned by a hot dog vendor on the University of California campus after a Golden Bears football game.”

By law, mobile food facilities must obtain a permit from the Alameda County Environmental Health website, but it’s unclear what agency actually enforces those permits on a day-to-day basis. Still, if Juan, or any other hot dog vendor in the city wanted to operate, there’s at least a $500 fee associated, according to Alameda County’s Environmental Health website.

This is just one instance in a larger battle street vendors face, and thankfully people like Flores exist, to help people like Juan, the Berkeley hot dog vendor, rebuild their lives after tragedy strikes.

Berkeley hot dog vendor

Martin Flores/Facebook

In just one day, Flores’ GoFundMe account received more than $30,000 in donations — and has already notified Juan. It would be cool to see that money go to help a few street vendors go legit, so everyone can enjoy delicious street food without fear of prosecution.

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Houston Police Asked To Stop Using Whataburger Table Markers At Crime Scenes

There is nothing more Texan than finding Whataburger table markers at a crime scene. Sadly, at least in Houston, that practice may now be coming to an end.

Apparently, Cops in Houston have been asked to stop utilizing the numbered signs from Whataburger to mark evidence due to public pressure. According to the Houston Chronicle, this practice has developed because police officers themselves do not carry official evidence signs. Since they tend to arrive ahead of the local CSI units, cops use whatever they can get their hands on to preemptively mark evidence. This prevents anything from washing or blowing away and getting lost before crime scene units arrive to mark it themselves.

A case recently gave this practice national attention when officers used the Whataburger numbers to mark evidence at a local shooting. For the cops, it made sense for them since a Whataburger was nearby and they could use it until CSI units arrived. Unfortunately, the Houston Police Department received several calls following the incident asking them if Whataburger was sponsoring the department. To clear up that confusion, Houston cops can no longer use material as evidence markers at crime scenes, including the Whataburger table markers.

Houston police have unfortunately lost one of their crime scene staples as a result. However, we do have confirmation that unlike most of Texas, they did return the Whataburger signs after using them.

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This Is Exactly Why You Think Cops Love Donuts

We recently stumbled upon a video where a guy walked around Hollywood Boulevard and tried to hand-feed donuts to police officers. We good a good chuckle, and it was understood that it’s funny because of the age-old stereotype that police love eating donuts.

As we saw in the video, officers continued to reject the donuts, and said they didn’t like them, so at that moment I started wondering how that stereotype even got attached to law enforcement. I mean, it’s hard to hate donuts, but why do we automatically think of police when it comes to the light and fluffy treats?

We could probably trace it back to the 1950’s, and officers who worked the late night shifts, according to Smithsonian.

Along with the rare 24-hour diners, donut shops were some of the only food spots open late, so that’s where you’d typically find police working those grave hours.

As an added bonus, the donut shop employees felt a little safer knowing that police were consistently stopping by during their after-hour shifts.

This was recently backed by YouTube channel Officer401, which consists of an anonymous police officer who vlogs about several law enforcement topics. In the video, the officer explains that, “a lot of coffee shops and places like McDonald’s… tend to be 24 hours a day. It’s a lot easier to run into a coffee shop, grab a couple donuts,  or scones and peace out.”

There’s a lot more options for late-night eats these days, so you might spot police at Jack In The Box, Denny’s or even McDonald’s, but in the 50’s, donut shops were the spot, and that stigma has stuck with them since.

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Woman Actually Calls 911 Because Her McNuggets Weren’t Ready Fast Enough

Photo by kristofarndt on Flickr.

Folks, please keep in mind that 911 is a call system meant for emergency situations. Your McDonald’s order taking too long to cook does NOT count.

One woman in Waco, Texas, apparently thought otherwise, as she called the police regarding her prolonged wait for some McNuggets late last Friday.

Here’s how it went down: After the woman ordered her McNuggets at the drive-thru, she waited at the window and eventually gave up when her order didn’t arrive as fast as she wanted it to. She asked employees for a refund and was refused, at which point the woman became frustrated and refused to leave. The woman began getting confrontational with the staff, at which point the manager called police.

While police were on their way to the McDonald’s, the woman decided to try and pin the blame game on the franchise. She called 911 and told the cops that they should be coming because her nuggets weren’t cooked fast enough. Probably not the best course of action when you realize the cops are coming after you for being stupid.

Fortunately, the officers who showed up were able to deescalate the situation, the woman got her refund and left without the McNuggets.

We all got a hysterical tale out of this for sure, but also please keep in mind that police have a whole host of better things to do than deal with a disgruntled customer and their chicken nuggets.

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Ballsy Restaurant Staff Sings “F**k Tha Police” To Dining Cops

A post shared by A-TONE (@atonealston) on

Last year, a gutsy employee at a Houston BBQ joint played NWA’s classic song “Fuck Tha Police” while officers were eating in the restaurant, serving them a big middle finger alongside their grub.

That dishwasher was fired for just playing the song. Another group of employees at a barbecue joint in North Carolina, took that sentiment up to another level of expression.

A large group of restaurant staff, including a manager, at a Smithfield’s Chicken n’ Bar-B-Q in Garner, North Carolina, allegedly sang out the entire song to a group of cops out of nearby Raleigh that were eating in the restaurant.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, the Raleigh Police Protective Association blasted the restaurant in a recount of the events, calling for the suspension or firing of the employees involved. While it’s still unclear as to whether what exactly happened, Spectrum News reports that the franchise owner, David Harris, released a statement vowing to terminate any employee “that doesn’t share our respect of ALL law enforcement,” a call to action that likely leads to those employees who participated to be out of a job.

Harris is now working with Raleigh Police to resolve the matter.

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Man Brutally Beaten For Offering To Pay For Strangers’ Meal In Brooklyn Restaurant

A kind gesture can go a long way sometimes. However, in some cases, there can be negative connotations to trying to be a nice guy. Such was the case with a man at a Brooklyn restaurant earlier this month, reports Daily News.

Two men entered a Texas Chicken and Burgers in Prospect Park on the evening of March 1. One of the men had said loudly that no one would give him a dollar to order his food. A 37-year-old diner overheard and offered to pay for the two men’s meal.

It seems the offer of a free meal triggered the two assailants as they proceed to assault the man, even going as far as taking his walking cane while he was on the ground and hitting him with it repeatedly. Upon seeing the commotion, two more assailants rushed into the restaurant and attacked the victim. One man even rifled through the victims pockets before the police arrived.

Some patrons of the chicken and burger restaurant tried to intervene and stop the beating, while others merely stepped over the victim and ordered their food.

It’s terrifying to see how some people can react to a kind gesture. Hopefully this incident doesn’t deter us from trying to help out those in need.

The police are asking anyone with information regarding the assault to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577 – TIPS.

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Intense IHOP Brawl SHUT DOWN By Taser-Wielding Officer [WATCH]

Things can get heated at late night restaurant establishments, if last year’s Denny’s story was any indication. While a brawl isn’t anything too unusual, especially in Florida, what’s unique about this video is how one police sergeant responded to the call in this viral video, reports BroBible.

In the first couple minutes, officers try with little success to calm the restaurant crowd after a handful of women were fighting. Around the 2:20 mark, another officer storms the restaurant and brings everyone to the ground with the threat of a taser and some necessary force.

Though some might consider his approach aggressive, Police tactics expert David Gossi points out that he used no unnecessary physical force in a situation where the police were outnumbered. Gossi did add however, according to WINK News, that the sergeant’s language was inappropriate.

Sucks for the patrons just trying to enjoy some late-night pancakes. Those new Sticky Bun Waffles are pretty damn good.

What did you think of the officer’s actions in this situation? Feel free to sound off in the comments.