This Hilarious Coca-Cola Mascot Makes Us Believe In Walking Polar Bears [WATCH]


We’ve seen tons of mascots in our line of work. Some are more into their jobs than others. However, this Coca-Cola polar bear is probably one of the few mascots that takes his or her job to a whole new level.

A hilarous and adorable video surfaced featuring a Coca-Cola employee inside the polar bear costume interacting with fans while they have their photos taken. Part of us wonders if it’s just an anthropomorphic polar bear collecting checks from the beverage company.

From his or her movements, mannerism and comedic timing, it becomes quite clear that this person really enjoys making others smile. Or it could just be that they get paid the major dollars to mess with people in a bear costume. Either way, sounds like a sweet gig.

Footage of the polar bear mascot can be seen below.