Gotta Flip ‘Em All: Pokemon Pancakes

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We’ve already preached about how Nathan Shields of Saipancakes is literally the coolest dad in the history of ever. From The Hobbit to Star Trek this dad is whipping up pancakes for every fandom. These Pokemon pancakes, or “poke-pancakes” have to be my personal favorite.

Who wouldn’t want to wake up and see Pikachu’s smiling face staring back at them before they douse him in syrup and devour him whole. My 8-year-old self would have geeked out hard at these. Knowing myself though, I probably would have tried to stuff Togepi in one of my pokeballs just so I could throw it and say “pokeball, go!” Chances are mom wouldn’t be too thrilled with that so let’s hope Nathan’s kids didn’t try to do that very thing.

Shields also takes commissions for his pancake art. For $100 he’ll create any image you want in pancake form. Though you won’t get to eat your personalized creation, he will send you the images along with all the rights to it.

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Important: This is How Pokémon Eat Their Food


At least, the PG-version. Because we all know Pokémon are secretly cannibals.

Two weeks ago, awkward-comedy (awk-com?) mastermind Mister Epic Mann brought us the ever-useful series of demonstrations of how to eat like different animals, and it didn’t take the internet long to spawn its inevitable parodies. The winner for the most important, most educational one of the bunch, however, has to go to this darling here, entitled, “How Animals Eat Their Food (POKEMON VERSION).”

Not only do you learn how Blastoise likes to hydro-pump his veggies before smashing his face into them, but you also get a little primer on the differences between each evolution. For instance, did you know that Charmander’s flame attack versus a salad-type is about as strong as a matchstick, but Charizard’s flamethrower breath is super-effective? Don’t even get me started on Snorlax.

Peep the whole video for yourself below, and then remember that “normal” animals don’t exist in the Poké-world, so where do they get their burger meat?

H/T + PicThx Laughing Squid


Gotta Eat ‘Em All: PokeCakes!


h0n3y5un5h1n3 (leet/1337 speak for “honeysunshine”) over at Instructables has done the worship-able, combining childhood Pokememories with cake. Fantastic. A bit involved, perhaps, but fantastic.

Granted, these Pokeball Layer Cakes are not easy. Most of us would give up after Step 1: Bake Your Cakes (not, she stresses, from mix). But she keeps going, despite the special molds, cake-fillings, malleable fondant x3, AND painted tiny hearts. Sure, you may be thinking “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

But look at the finished product! Right in the childhood, folks. Right in the childhood.

Full instructions here.

H/T Instructables + PicThx that’s nerdalicious


Gotta Drink ‘Em All — The Pokemon Beer Pong Table


Drinking creativity continues to astound with this latest evolution of the age-old game of beer pong. Like any good alchemist knows, by mixing two disparate ideas you render an even greater and more creative iteration of the previous forms. Right? Right.

From Quidditch Pong to now, such is true with this absolutely amazing beer pong table turned Pokemon battle arena. Whether you played the Gameboy game, collected the trading cards, watch(ed) the TV show, or did all three, this Pokemon Beer Pong Table is a dream come true. We all wanted to be Ash, roaming around with that mission from Professor Oak to fill the Pokedex and to stop Team Rocket from using Pokemon for evil. My only gripe is the use of Blastoise over Bulbasaur, an amateurish mistake I can kindly look past just this once.


If played correctly, your game of Poke-Pong should look something like this:

H/T + PicThx ObviousWinnerYouTube                                                                                                                                                                                                       


Poké Ball Pizza because after Catching ‘Em All, You Build An Appetite


If you were to take this  Poké Ball Pizza back to 1999, the height of the  Pokémon saga, it would be devoured within seconds by an army of Ash Ketchum fan boys and girls. Today, it would still be eaten by  that same army of fan kids, except by now they’re all 20-something-year olds yearning for the days when wanting to be a  Pokémon Master seemed like a feasible occupation.

Needless to say, if you’re looking to rewind back to the days your friends argued over whether Pikachu was a rat or rabbit, make a special request at your local pizza joint for this bit of nostalgia.

H/T Never Too Old for Pokémon


If Pokemon Had a ‘Food Type,’ This is What Their Evolutions Would Be

Who’s that Pokemon?!

Hint: Bread Type + Egg Stone = French Toast. Duh.

Brought to us by artist H. Caldwell Tanner, these food-inspired concept Pokemon (named “Spagoodlor,” “Poutinatar” and “Bleetee,” respectively) might just be a budding PokeChef’s dream come true:

Granted, their names aren’t nearly as catchy as those of the official 649 species currently in existence (and you gotta hand it to the writers, it couldn’t have been easy naming 649 of these things), but at least the evolutions are cooler than the “food types” the games already have.

I mean, Vanillish? If you’re going to have an ice cream Pokemon, did it really have to be the blandest flavor in the book?

[Via Buzzfeed]


Apparently, Pokemon Support Starbucks Sizing


Among the many things people find problematic with Starbucks, the corporation’s sizing terminology is chief among them. With a Starbucks Tall, Grande and Venti all conveying a sense of “largeness,” the illogical naming system has been both a genius marketing move and the bane of coffee connoisseurs.

Unfortunately, it seems as if a few artsy fartsy Starbucks patrons support the Starbucks lingo and made Pokémon the latest latte art. Gangnam coffee, move over! Here, Bulbasaur (one of the OG pokemons) illustrates the logic of Starbucks sizing via his 3 evolutionary stages — from Bulbasaur to Ivysaur to Venusaur.

See the Pokémon in full force below:


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