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We Made A Drinking Game For Pokemon GO And Now I’m Drunk

Of course we came up with a drinking game for Pokemon GO, what did you expect?

With the massive success of the nostalgia-imbued app, especially amongst people between the ages of 21-30, it was only a matter of time before a drinking element was added to the mix. Gotta drink em’ all, right?

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 7.22.15 PM

The rules are as follows:

x Each game begins with a shot (or cocktail if you can’t do shots) depending on which starter Pokemon you chose. That includes the people who figured out how to get Pikachu as a starter.

x Charmander – Whiskey

x Squirtle – Vodka

x Bulbasaur – Tequila

x Pikachu – Rum

x After each player has taken their shot, gather up some beers and make your way outside.

x Once you’re in an area with Pokemon that you all agree on, set a timer for exactly 40 minutes. Once the timer starts, start catching Pokemon immediately! The first person to catch a Pokemon gets to sing the first verse of the Pokemon theme song while the others drink continually until he/she reaches the end of the verse, aka ” the power that’s inside.”

x Take a drink for every Pokeball you use to catch a Pokemon. That means you should be taking at least one drink every time a Pokemon is caught.

x If a gym is nearby, each player must battle that gym. Anyone who loses must drink half a beer (or take six drinks). If you beat the gym, you get to give out your drinks to another player or players (6 drinks to one person, 3 and 3 to two people, etc).

x If you beat a gym owned by another team, members of that team in your group must drink a FULL beer. If you beat a gym owned by your own team, members of both other teams must drink a HALF beer.

x The round ends once the timer goes off. At that point, the player with the most Pokemon is exempt from drinking. All other drinkers must take a drink for each Pokemon they caught.

x Each round is only 40 minutes, but that time can be adjusted depending on the alcohol tolerance of the people playing. If you can fit an entire keg in your belly, play each round for 60 minutes. If you’re a lightweight, try playing for 20.

Above all else, PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND DRINK RESPONSIBLY WHEN PLAYING. Nobody wants to hang out with Puke-achu all night. Furthermore, there are already way too many stories of people walking into traffic and shit.

Last but not least…GO TEAM VALOR!




Photos: Forbes, Comics Alliance 


Play Pokemon Go And Get A Free Sandwich


Who: Capriotti’s

What: In the wake of the Pokemon Go sensation, the sandwich chain is offering a free sub to anyone who Tweets a screenshot of a Pocket Monster inside a Capriotti’s restaurant. They’ll have to Tweet that screenshot to @CapriottisJason, the company’s president Jason Smylie.

Once the image is Tweeted, fans will be sent a voucher for a free sandwich.

Where: Any participating Capriotti’s Sandwich locations.

When: July 12 through July 15.


Hit-Or-Miss Humor Opinion

This Bakery Charges People Based On Their Pokemon GO Team

In the past few days, the entire nation has been double-slapped, low kicked and karate chopped by the emergence of (quite possibly) the most quickly and widely downloaded app of all time: Pokemon GO.

The GPS-based game has been a phenomenon in terms of both popularity and practical benefit. Not only have people been going outside and walking around more, but many kids even claimed that it has helped with their depression, giving them a reason to go outside again.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 2.49.22 PM


Well, each player is required to run around and catch pokemon. Once you’ve done enough of that, you reach level 5, and at that point you choose a team to represent. The three teams are the fire bird Moltres of Team Valor (Go Valor!), the electric bird Zapdos of Team Instinct, and the ice bird Articuno of Team Mystic. Admittedly, the most obnoxious people join Team Valor, and we love it that way.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 2.49.56 PM

One obnoxious Team Valor member also happens to run a bakery in Toronto and posted this sign outside of his window. Redditor Dubiono was able to catch the sign and share its glory with the wide world of Pokemon and their trainers.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 2.52.22 PM

Although the owner likely put the sign up as a joke, nobody knows for sure, as the seriousness that people approach this game with is unprecedented. Still, the message is clear: his team is the only one that matters.

The common misconception amongst all players is that Team Valor members are neanderthals, Team Mystic members are lame and Team Instinct members are idiots. While this is untrue (for the most part), they certainly nailed it with me and Team Valor.



Photo Credit: Reddit, Gammerson

Food Trucks

Why Every Food Truck Should Be Playing Pokemon Go


I’m sure that you have heard of Pokemon Go by now. If not, it’s basically an augmented reality game in which you walk around in the world with your smartphone and “catch” Pokemon out on the street and get cool items and power-ups at real life landmarks. The crazy thing is that it is seriously working. I went out with my wife today to the mall and we spent 30 minutes just walking around collecting Pokemon and items at “Pokestops.” And we weren’t the only ones. Every other group of people that we saw walking around with their phones in hand gave us knowing looks and a little nod as if to say “yup.”

Okay, so wtf does this have to do with food trucks? Hear me out. Not only did we spend some time at the mall today but we spent some time at the hospital. Don’t worry — it wasn’t health related. There is a hospital across the street with a bunch of Pokestops at it. One of the items that you can purchase (yes purchase with real life money) is called a “lure module.” This attracts Pokemon to that location for 30 minutes and anyone can catch them. So when the hospital across the street started popping off with pink confetti, which is the sign of an active lure module, you bet your ass we packed up the kid and the dog and went for a nice little walk.

When we got there, we encountered a literal mob of other people there. LIKE 20 PEOPLE LOITERING AT A RANDOM HOSPITAL COURTYARD JUST TO CATCH POKEMON. I hope you can see where I’m going with this. Imagine if there was something else there to catch their eye while they were waiting for Pokemon to be loitered to their location. Something like… food? Ice cream on a hot day? Yeah.

Now the hospital across the street from my place is not exactly an exciting location, but imagine popping a lure module at a public park, at an outdoor mall, etc. For food trucks, it can really suck to be at the mercy of the crowd, so in addition to your existing social media presence, consider capitalizing on the newest craze by investing 10 bucks on 4 hours of crowd attracting power. I’m sure this trick won’t work forever, but I’d be willing to bet my Raichu that it will work right now.