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Baskin-Robbins Japan Is Selling This Adorable Poké Ball Ice Cream Cake

Photos: PR Times, SoraNews24

A freakin’ adorable new ice cream cake that looks just like a Poké Ball is being sold at participating Baskin-Robbins locations in Japan. Dubbed the Pokémon Surprise Cake, it’s divided into three sweet sections: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.

Besides the overall cuteness of this dessert, the added appeal is what’s inside. Slice open this festive ice cream cake to reveal an inner filled with yellow Pikachu cookies.

For the Pokémon fans reading this, I know you’re hyped to try this fun new dessert. So know that they’re only at Baskin-Robbins locations in Japan and have a limited run until the August 31, 2021.


Mother-Daughter Duo Baked Pokeball Cheesecakes For Nearby PokemonGo Trainers

For all the anti-Pokemon Go people annoyed by ‘trainers’ swarming local Pokestops (and neighborhood lawns), this mother and daughter found the best way to deal with it — if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em — or at least bake Oreo cheesecake Pokeballs and hand them out to PokemonGo players.

Rather than turning the hose on dozens of players looking for elusive pocket monsters, they turned on the oven and started baking.


Then uploaded their creation to Reddit and immediately the Internet fell in love.

Reddit user KayaXiali uploaded this photo on July 20 and began answering questions for other curious Redditors.

Apparently, the mother daughter team baked four-dozen Oreo Cheesecake Pokeballs and they were quickly gobbled up by hungry trainers looking for a sugar rush.


They even gave out their recipe too!


However, there are some people who are still oblivious on how PokemonGo actually works. From this description, the family lives near a church and a community college and gets a lot of traffic from the game. It’s been rumored that a lot of Pokestops are near churches and whatnot.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 11.36.08 AM

Although it was a nice gesture — this was probably the last Pokeball baking party for this mother/daughter team.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 11.35.29 AM

Although, these trainers could be like stray cats. Continuously returning to the last place they were given a bit of food and water, feverishly scratching at the front door, looking for more love and, in this case, probably Oreo Cheesecake Pokeballs.