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This LA Poke Shop Is Topping Their Bowls With Takis

A SoCal poke chain is giving the classic Hawaiian fish dish a true Angeleno twist.

Dakota Weiss, the creative genius behind Sweetfin Poke, has developed a Fiesta Tuna Poke Bowl that adds a ton of fresh LA tastes and combinations.

Mixed in with chunks of fresh tuna are jicama, avocado, grilled corn, and roasted jalapeno. They’re served atop a bed of Mexican chile oil fried rice, drizzled with tequila lime aioli, and topped with Takis.

Together, they add a zesty punch of spicy and citrus flavor that adds the essence of the elote carts of LA into a refreshing bowl of fish.

Sweetfin’s creation is being given out for FREE via the Hubert’s Lemon A Go Go Truck on Friday, November 16th, in Westwood near UCLA. For more information, head to

Created in partnership with Hubert’s. 

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This 10-Pound Poke Bowl Challenge Is Almost Impossible To Defeat

There are some truly daunting food challenges out there, like the ferocious 10-pound OMG Burger or the One Chip Challenge straight from hell. This 10-pound poke bowl belongs amongst these behemoths as one of the toughest to finish out there.

Located at Poke Paradise in San Jose, CA, this gargantuan bowl of fresh fish could sink even the formidable Kraken.

What makes it so intimidating is the rice, which comes in the form of 10 heaping shovelfuls that take up the majority of this challenge. From there, you get 10 scoops of your choice of protein, plus any toppings and sauces you’d like to add on. Even if you can stomach all that you still about an entire rice cooker of starch to devour afterward.

It makes sense that Poke Paradise’s challenge has a win-loss record even Mike Tyson would be impressed with. Since its debut in April 2017, a massive handful of challengers have attempted to conquer it. Only two have emerged victorious, and both were competitive eaters. Eating phenom Joey Chestnut completed the challenge in about 15 minutes, while Raina Huang, the eater who also cleaned out Panda Express’ entire menu, accomplished it in 26 minutes.

You can view Raina’s full attempt at the Poke Paradise 10-pound poke bowl challenge below:

While the challenge is tough, the risk is well worth the reward. Defeat sets you back $60 (the cost of the bowl), while victory earns you $100 in cash, a spot in their hall of fame, and the empty bowl you vanquished.

Oh, and the meal is on the house if you win.

If you think you can be the third person to ever finish this 10-pound poke bowl, Poke Paradise is ready for your call. It does take 20 minutes to prepare, and the restaurant prefers if you call a couple of hours ahead so they have time to get things set up.

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Sweetfin’s Collaboration With BØRNS Yields A Poke Bowl Masterpiece

Surely good food and dope music are a winning recipe for a fantastic dining experience. So what better result could one get than when a musical artist and renowned chef form a masterful collaboration?

In a partnership with popular singer and songwriter BØRNS, Sweetfin Poke has created an exclusive poke bowl that’s truly a work of art.

The Blue Madonna, named after BØRNS’ new album, was created by Sweetfin’s own chef Dakota Weiss. Chef Weiss’ creation features a medley of unique ingredients such as golden beets, Green Dragon apples, forbidden rice, golden edamame shoots, and a Forest Berry Anise Ponzu sauce designed to complement the albacore. As a garnish, Chef Weiss adds blue Borage blossom and tops the bowl with a curry toasted almond for some heat.

Kind of makes sense why they’re describing it as something from “the garden of Eden.”

Launching Monday, Jan. 15, the Blue Madonna Bowl will be available at all Los Angeles Sweetfin locations through Feb. 28.

Visually and conceptually, this a masterpiece.


9 Everyday Foods That Could Kill Your Cat

Owning a pet of any kind brings joy, companionship and most of all — responsibility. So, even if you’re experienced with animals, it’s your job to make sure your felines are healthy and happy. One of the easiest ways to monitor your pet’s well-being is closely monitoring a diet that’s toxin-free in order to keep your furry roommate’s tummy out of harm’s way.

If you’re one of the 85.8 million people that own a cat, then you know it’s not often you have to watch everything that goes into it’s mouth, since cats are generally very fussy eaters. While our claw-equipped fur pillows might express some curiosity every time you make a tuna sandwich — that doesn’t mean you should feel inclined to make two.

With that said, here’s a few of the most common human foods that could actually be fatal to felines. So, take note to ensure that culinary curiosity doesn’t kill your cat.

1. Tuna & Poke

What can it do?

Although poke maybe be delicious, it’s not the best treat for your cat.

Actually, in excess tuna — and other fish—  in general is considered to be borderline unhealthy for cats because tuna doesn’t contain the nutrients cats need for a healthy digestive system.

Too much tuna for cats can lead to malnutrition. Additionally, poke is usually made with freshly squeezed lemon or citrus juice, which can cause vomiting, stomach irritation, and other digestive issues for our feline companions.

2. Fish & Poultry With Bones

What can it do?

Be careful if you feed your cats chicken or fish that might contain bones, as cats can easily choke on them. Fish bones are somewhat flexible, and can easily be consumed by a hungry kitty.

But let’s err on the side of caution here.

3. Alcohol

What can it do?

One teaspoon of alcohol can put a five pound cat into a coma, according to the ASPCA. Cat livers don’t operate as efficiently as the human liver  — which means wine, beer or spirits can cause serious health problems.

So, even if you and your cat are relaxing after a hard day at work, and you feel inclined to pour a little of alcohol into his or her bowl —  don’t.

However, if you feel like your cat just needs to, “wine” about their day of sleeping and watching birds, this cat wine will provide a healthy alternative.


4. Caffeine

@tania_crystal0126 (instagram)

What can it do?

Even small amounts of caffeine can cause rapid breathing, heart palpitations, and muscle tremors in cats.

Caffeine can be found in an array of products — even decaf coffee, teas, and other beverages — without consumer knowledge.

Since caffeine isn’t a nutrient, the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t require food manufacturers to list caffeine as food nutrition labels.

5. Chocolate

What can it do?

While dogs are more likely to get into a stash of indulgent chocolate before a cat does, it’s still a good idea to keep it out of kitty’s reach.

Theobromine is an alkaloid found in chocolate, which can cause everything from vomiting and diarrhea.

It’s estimated that more than 200 mg of theobromine can also cause cardiac failure.


6. Grapes & Raisins

@bordeauxwinelovers (instagram)

What can it do?

While grapes and raisins might seem like harmless treats for your cat, it’s a silent killer.

However, it’s unknown exactly what compound in grapes and raisins that make the fruit toxic to cats. If ingested, grapes have been known to cause kidney failure in them.

7. Candy, Gum, Toothpaste, or anything with Xylitol

What can it do?

Every diet soda you drink contains Xylitol, which is a sugar alcohol used as a sweetener in a lot of common foods. However, it will be anything but sweet to your inquisitive cat.

Xylitol can increase in the insulin circulating through your cat’s body, which will cause the cat’s blood sugar to drop, and can also lead to liver failure.

8. Baking Dough

What can it do?

Imagine your cat’s tummy as a tiny oven — if it eats uncooked dough, it will begin to expand inside.

This will obviously result in some discomfort to your four-legged friend, so be sure to keep baking dough out of kitty’s claws and jaws.

9. Raw Meat

What can it do?

Raw meat is never safe to eat due to the harmful bacteria, like salmonella, E. Coli and even listeria — which can cause an array of health issues for humans and their pets.

Always make sure your meat is covered and out of reach, you never know when kitty will hop up on the kitchen counter to investigate.

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Are Viral Foods Like The Sushi Donut Killing The Restaurant Industry? [The Katchup Podcast]

Are sushi donuts killing the restaurant industry?

That’s the major topic of the first episode of our BRAND-NEW podcast, “The Katchup. The discussion launches a weekly podcast discussion on the top trends in food. Given the viral success of the Sushi Donut, which generated over 80 million video views between ourselves and other food news outlets in the past week, it had to be the key discussion for this week.

This week, Foodbeast’s Editor-In-Chief, Elie Ayrouth, brought in Andy Nguyen, the owner of viral restaurant successes like Project Poké’s Sushi Donut and Afters Ice Cream’s Milky Buns, and Jason Quinn, owner of the Playground Restaurant in downtown Santa Ana, to discuss how social media virality is affecting customer eating habits at restaurants.

Since the Sushi Donut’s massive success was borne from Nguyen’s poké shop, the group also discusses the future of poké and of the restaurant industry. 

The podcast gets extremely real when Elie brought up e-mails he received regarding Foodbeast’s coverage of these items:

“I have quotes on two chefs, at least two chefs in my inbox, that have said: ‘Fuck you Elie, stop promoting sushi donuts, and stop promoting shit with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos on it.’ “

Definitely give the podcast a listen, as it provides in-depth commentary as to how items like the Sushi Donut are affecting the future of restaurants and their menu offerings.

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This Low-Key Poke Joint Has A Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Poke Burrito

Starting off the year with another hot take on Hot Cheetos, a California restaurant created an item that’ll entice anyone in search of a spicy and hearty poke meal altogether.

The Low Key Poke Joint, in Garden Grove, CA, created a Hot Cheetos Poke Burrito t0 incorporate the fiery corned puffed snack into their menu in an innovative way.

Utilizing a build-your-own-poke concept, the restaurant gives you a large variety of ways to craft a poke/sushi “burrito” or bowl. One of the more popular, social media-friendly options includes a Hot Cheetos wrap for sushi burritos. The burrito features a fish protein of your choice, crab meat, masago, onions, and tons of other sides and toppings.


Our very own editor Reach, while apprehensive about the concept, had this to say upon trying the item for the very first time:

The odor of Hot Cheetos and fish was off-putting at first, and definitely affected my outlook on how it’d taste. However, a couple bites into the thing and I was not mad at all. It was a pleasant surprise, for sure. Even though the spiciness from the Hot Cheetos wasn’t too evident, the crunch factor it provided was great.

You can find the Hot Cheetos poke burrito at NOODS NOODS NOODS, presented by Cup Noodles, which will be held on Jan. 14. If you’re a fan of noodles, Asian fusion, and spending an afternoon taking gratuitous pictures of innovative dishes, you can get your tickets to NOODS here. Options for the festival includes Marketplace (buy-as-you-go) or VIP (all-you-can-consume). To anyone attending, make sure to send us your NOODS.

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12 Stunning Looks At LA’s Hottest New Poke Joint, TikiFish

It’s no secret that poke’s explosion onto the Los Angeles food scene has already received its due share of attention. What with poke joints seemingly sprouting up in every corner, the trend seems to be at peak levels in the city. So to stand out amongst the multitude of restaurants certainly takes more than just a claim of the freshest fish and best toppings.

Enter TikiFish, a new poke restaurant in Palms borne out of the ambitions of two men not new to success. Ben and Bobby Hundreds, founders of The Hundreds streetwear clothing brand, set out to conquer a different playing field that now involved a culinary sense of what works. At their disposal are fresh poke, ceviche, a host of premium toppings, and a city’s sudden affinity for the trend as their base to build out this new endeavor.

With Ben and Bobby being experts on eye-catching aesthetics, the visuals of the poke bowls being moved at TikiFish along with the distinct artistic flair of the interior decor are nothing short of impressive. Yes, pictures will always paint a thousand and more words, so let’s let social media’s ever vigilant eye speak for itself on TikiFish’s reason for being one of the hottest new restaurants in Los Angeles.

Endless Summer in LA, time for #TikiFish // 📸::@the_starving_actor

A photo posted by TikiFish – Poke & Ceviche (@tikifish) on

Uni !! premium add-ons @tikifish !! 🙌 #eatdapoke #tikifish

A photo posted by Perry Cheung (@phoking_perry) on

Thanks for another fun weekend at #TikiFish :: #EatDaPoke

A photo posted by TikiFish – Poke & Ceviche (@tikifish) on


A photo posted by TikiFish – Poke & Ceviche (@tikifish) on

👀🐟🐠❤️ #tikifish #losangeles #bobbyhundreds #goodfood #poke #love #ceviche

A photo posted by Erica May (@ehrka) on

accidentally discovered a charming new lunch spot with @standard_div yesterday! #eatdapoke #tikifish

A photo posted by Megan Lawler (@gegdela) on

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The Poke Craze Is Here, But Is It All Good?


Photo: Jayna Gavieres

Poke, a Hawaiian dish consisting of diced raw fish mixed with flavored sauces, has lately been trending all over California and the East Coast. On Yelp you can find over 20 listings of new poke places just in Orange County alone.

Despite the popularity poke has gained on the mainland, some see it as just another incessant food trend and a delicacy that’s quickly losing its cultural authenticity, I for one, included. The meaning of poke is rapidly changing as more restaurants are opening left and right, and I generally don’t see that as a great thing.

Having visited Hawaii many times throughout my life (thanks to family living there), I’ve tried true Hawaiian poke and the exclusivity of having it on the islands. The most important aspect of this dish is obviously the quality of the fish, and for anyone who enjoys fish, it’s really all about the freshness.

Growing up in the Asian culture, when someone mentions poke, I automatically think “diced raw fish by the pound.” The difference between traditional poke and the current poke trend that’s sweeping the country is that here in California, when someone mentions poke, they’re usually talking about diced raw fish, numerous mixed toppings to accompany it, and a liberal, albeit borderline criminal amount of sauces, all creating a mountain over a bowl of rice.

Orange County restaurants like PokiNometry and The Low-Key Poke Joint serve this very poke bowl concept containing various toppings that overpower the original favor of the fish itself.


Photo: Jayna Gavieres

Foodland, a grocery store chain throughout the Hawaiian Islands, takes pride in being “Hawaii’s Home for Poke.” When you walk up to the store’s deli, you can immediately see the long row of freshly diced raw fish marinating in various sauces waiting to be ordered by the pound. Yes, they do also serve poke bowls, but their poke bowls only consist of your choice of fish on top of rice. That’s it. Nice and simple.

The poke trend is becoming more complicated and therefore losing the simplistic quality that made it enjoyable to Hawaiians in the first place. When you have a list of different spices and toppings that can be added to the fish in unlimited combinations, are you really tasting the important freshness of the fish like the Hawaiian culture intended?

The notion that people have to constantly be innovative with food is a positive and exciting quality to have in the food industry, but some people tend to distort food trends by relentlessly changing a culture’s specialty. If one forgets the history behind certain dishes and foods just for the sake of popularity and hype, traditional cultures become misrepresented.

However, let’s play devil’s advocate for a moment: maybe this poke trend is just a new concept being born in our modern-day subcultures? Would it seem more acceptable if it wasn’t called poke? There’s no doubt that poke bowls are becoming wildly more popular and the demand is exponentially growing. The satisfying concept of customizing your own bowl makes eating that much more fun and exciting, which is what we Americans seem to crave in this industry. Culinary excitement can simply be the touchstone of this trend.

With that said, though, the hype with poke should encourage us to remember where it originally began and that sometimes, less is more.