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Woman Mistakenly Eats Poisonous Plant On Livestream

A recent practice in China encourages consuming raw aloe vera for a multitude of health benefits. These include aiding in digestion, immune boost, soothing irritations, and providing antioxidants.

One wellness vlogger did a livestream where she ate, what she thought was raw aloe vera on camera. Unfortunately, she grabbed the wrong plant.

Mashable reports the 26-year-old woman actually bit into Agave americana, a poisonous plant that can cause your throat to burn and swell up. At first everything seemed to go well during the woman’s vlog, until she noticed the plant tasted bitter. Fortunately, she caught the mistake almost immediately and went to the hospital before the toxic plant could do more damage.

Now we’re not ones to judge about eating things we don’t know much about on camera, but this was definitely a hard life lesson for the young health personality. Hopefully she’s more careful on her next livestream.


FBI Arrests Man Who Sprayed Mouse Poison On Whole Foods’ Buffet


A man who casually walked into a Whole Foods store and sprayed mouse poison onto the self-serve food bars has been arrested by the FBI.

An employee at a Whole Foods in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was alarmed after witnessing the man, now in custody, pouring a liquid onto the prepared foods at the buffet-style section of the grocery store.

Whole Foods closed down its food bars afterwards and the FBI was informed of the suspicious activity. The grocery chain said in a statement:

“Out of an abundance of caution, all salad and hot food bars were immediately closed down at the store, all food was thrown out and the store team thoroughly cleaned and sanitized all food stations, equipment and serving utensils before restocking with fresh items. All surrounding Michigan store locations have been notified of the incident.”

The man in question was arrested after authorities tracked him down thanks to tips and leads from the public. It was discovered that the liquid was a mixture of hand cleaner, water and mouse poison.

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According to the FBI, the man, whose name has not been released, also visited two other grocery stores in the area, Meijer and Plum Market. The FBI said in a statement:

“The suspect stated that he sprayed produce in these stores within the last two weeks. Investigators are currently coordinating with state of Michigan and Washtenaw County Health Officials to determine the extent of any contamination and the threat to the public.”

Authorities are still determining whether he visited other grocery stores recently.

Written by Laura Dang of NextShark || h/t: Business Insider

35 Restaurants In China Shut Down After Getting Customers High AF

Within the last year, 35 Chinese restaurants near Beijing have either been shut down or investigated for allegedly seasoning their dishes with opium.

RT reports that five of the restaurants are currently facing criminal charges, while the other 30 will be going through thorough investigations into these allegations.

For those who don’t know, opium is the key ingredient in morphine and heroin that causes hallucinations, feelings of euphoria and a variety of other (mostly bad) side effects . If you’re one of the particularly unlucky ones, it could lead to a coma or death.

One of the larger restaurant chains in China, Huda, was found using ground up opium poppy flower at several locations. Whether or not these restaurants were trying to create an addiction for their customers or simply giving their dishes more flavor is still uncertain.

The pandemonium surrounding this controversy can be traced all the way back to 2014, when one restaurant owner was caught using the opium in his food to actually get his customers addicted.

Frankly, if I went to a restaurant and was offered a joint with my potato skins, I would likely come back too.


45 Members Of ISIS Die From Food Poisoning After Breaking Ramadan Fast


A seemingly normal dinner took an unexpected turn for Isis members when 45 died from food poisoning. Metro reports that about 145 people took part in eating iftar, known as the meal that breaks the daily Ramadan fast.

Of the 145 diners, 45 succumbed to food poisoning and died.

While it’s still not clear if the poisoning was intentional or unintentinoal, it was reported that a similar incident occurred last year. Then, the Free Syrian Army snuck into an Isis camp pretending to be chefs and poisoned the food. Ten members of Isis were killed.

Since more than half the attendees walked away, it’s likely that only a few select dishes or drinks were tainted.

Photo: Metro/Twitter


Family Mistakenly Eats Poisonous Pufferfish, Hospitalized


A family from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is suffering from pufferfish poisoning after unwittingly cooking up the fish for dinner. The 11-member family had been given the fish by a friend who had gone fishing. The London Evening Standard reports that within seconds after their first bites, the family began to vomit and lost feeling in their arms, legs and faces.

The Souza family thought that they were in for a delicious meal when they received the fish. They fried it up and invited their extended family members over for dinner. The majority of the family are currently in the hospital receiving care. Cristiane Souza and Maria do Carmo, the mother and grandmother respectively, had not yet taken a bite of the fish as they wait for their family to try it first.

A puffer fish’s toxin is 1,200 times more lethal than cyanide. The fish is considered a rare delicacy in Japan, though it takes chefs two years of careful and rigorous training to received a license to cook it. One drop of the puffer fish poison can kill a person within a 24-hour period.

H/T London Evening Standard


Chemical Milkshake from Dairy Queen Sends Boy to Hospital


A young boy from Colorado was taken to the hospital after complaints of a burning tongue sensation caused by a vanilla milkshake his mother bought him from a Thorton Dairy Queen. My Fox 8 reports that the milkshake had been tainted by a cleaning solution. Lisa Chase, the mother of the boy, said that she couldn’t even taste the ice cream in the shake and it was more like drinking a very strong cleanser.

Apparently, an employee had been soaking the vanilla syrup container in floor cleaner and degreaser concentrate when another Dairy Queen employee got a hold of it. Thinking the container was clean, the second employee went ahead and filled it with the syrup. The degreaser concentrate contained sodium hydroxide which can cause burns, vomiting and shock if ingested.

The owner of the Dairy Queen where the incident occurred said it was a terrible accident and that the employees involved were written up for not following the restaurant’s proper health procedures. The health department and poison control were also contacted.


Edible, Salmonella-Free Cookie Dough Finally Exists


Most kids growing up have heard (and ignored) the spiel many times over: don’t eat raw cookie dough or you’ll get salmonella poisoning and die. We had our little friends raw eggs to thank for that one, but a new line of ready-to-eat cookie dough bites does away with the eggs entirely to create — yes — edible, salmonella-free cookie dough.

They’re called Unbakeables and they come in nine different flavors, including  “Thin Mint,” birthday cake, peanut butter & jelly, oatmeal raisin, and of course, chocolate chip. Each 3 or 10-pack tube is available for purchase online and in a few stores and farmer’s markets in Connecticut and New York.

Not lucky enough to live out there or too impatient to wait for shipping? (Come on, you don’t even want to wait for the cookies to bake.) We’ve found you a five-minute recipe, here.

H/T Frisky


Worst Person Ever Hides Poisonous Meatballs for Dogs Around San Francisco


It’s one thing to be an awful human being to other people, but to pick on dogs? That’s some grade-A Satan-type shit.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, an unidentified rogue scoundrel villain has, for the second year in a row, stashed poisonous meatballs around San Francisco in places only pets are likely to find them. As of Saturday, 35 tainted meatballs were found along curbs, in bushes, and behind stairwells, stuffed with solid materials which could present choking hazards for animals. Meatballs found last summer were also believed to contain strychnine.

A few comments on the Chronicle story suggest the meatballs could have been meant for wild coyotes or cats, while others even cite the 4 million+ dog attacks on humans per year as justification for the unknown dog-hater’s actions. We don’t know about all that, but we’re pretty sure the poison meatball dropper deserves his own special circle of hell.

H/T Consumerist + Picthx Andrew Sanders