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A Female Competitive Eater Just Beat Matt Stonie’s Nearly Impossible Pocky Eating Challenge

Competitive eater Raina Huang has been making a huge name for herself this year. She’s set the world record for the biggest In-N-Out burger consumed and cleaned out Panda Express’ entire menu in 45 minutes. Her most recent feat, though, pitted her against fellow eater Matt Stonie, and she managed to eclipse his mark in a nearly impossible Pocky eating challenge.

Stonie’s initial challenge, which has garnered a whopping 8 million views since it was posted, involved him attempting to take down 1600 pieces of Pocky in as little time as possible. Unfortunately, he fell short, leaving several hundred pieces of the chocolate-covered snacks behind and throwing in the towel at around the 49 minute mark. He still ate at least over 1,000 Pocky, which is an impressive feat in and of itself.

Huang’s counterchallenge was slightly less in terms of quantity, as she only opted for 1,512 Pocky to stop with. However, she managed to take down the entire batch, finishing just a minute after Stonie gave up.

There were a few different strategies that Huang employed that may have given her a slight edge. She opted for a mix of both strawberry and chocolate Pocky, which meant she had a mix of flavors to draw from while she was eating. Stonie also went for milk and water during his challenge, while Huang only utilized bottles of water to help get her food down.

Regardless, Huang’s feat shows that she can match some of the world’s best when it comes to the space of competitive eating. We’ll have to see if Stonie eventually chooses to go for it and try to break her mark.

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People Are Using Pocky To Make 3-D Latte Art And The Results Are Adorable

With all the amazing things latte artists can create, 3-D latte art is a newer trend that’s pushing the limits of what is possible. Now, thanks to social media, artist are able to show off their creations like never before.

We recently teamed up with a few of the world’s best 3-D latte artists to come up with some traditional holiday designs that incorporate Pocky, the iconic chocolate covered biscuit sticks from Japan, within the architecture of each milk foam-based creation.

From reindeer, to cute cats and Christmas trees, Pocky has been reintroduced to coffee in an entirely new and innovative way — as part of the art itself. Pocky has become the foundational building blocks for these super cute, three dimensional creations that are almost too cute to drink.

Now, these artists are merging their love for coffee and art into unique, temporary works of art for the world to see.

@Periperipeng, a.k.a. Daphne Tan, is a Singapore-based 17-year-old student who makes the most adorable 3-D latte art ever. She fell in love with the art after attending a school programme workshop on the appreciation of gourmet coffee.

Her creations are totally Instagram-worthy and are cuteness overload! With more than 30K followers on Instagram, it’s safe to say her art is drawing a crowd.

Cortney Kern, better known by his Instagram followers as @Barista_Maniac, has dedicated the past 17 years to the art of coffee. He has an extensive knowledge on espresso extraction in addition to practicing his amazing latte art. Kern continues to produce beautiful latte art and shares it with his audience through Instagram and Facebook.

As this trend grows, there’s no limit to what these artists will create next. One thing is for sure, it’s going to be delicious.

Pocky sticks can be found in the Asian food aisle at most major grocery stores. Get your fix in time for the holiday season!

Created in partnership with Pocky

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Whisky-Flavored Pocky Sticks Are The Latest Snacks From Japan


We’d like to consider Pocky sticks the Japanese version of Oreos in that new flavors are constantly dropping. One of the newest variations is defintely a flavor adults will appreciate more than sweet-toothed kids.

Kotaku reports that Glico snacks has released sleek new whisky-flavored Pocky sticks.

Since chocolate is usually a solid choice to enjoy with the hard liquor, the brand created the snack with the pairing in mind. The dough from the pretzel stick is kneaded with wort, the sweet liquid that comes from the mashing process of brewing whisky.

To elevate the snack even further, the Pocky stick is salted and covered in whisky-scented chocolate.

It’s highly doubtful that you can get a buzz from the new snack sticks. If you appreciate a good glass of whiskey, however, you’ll probably enjoy the detail that went into making these new Pocky sticks.

Photo: Pocky


Famous Japanese Snack Brand Pocky Is Now Teaching Kids To Code


Ezaki Glico, the Japanese company behind Pocky, has launched an app that teaches kids and kids-at-heart how to code.

The app is called Glicode, and it’s currently available for Android devices. An iOS version is underway, according to Geek.


How it works: Glicode asks for the player’s help to move a character across obstacles. Movements are operated by commands.

Commands are digitally translated from photos of arranged Pocky sticks and other Glico snacks, such as Almond Peak chocolates and Biscuit Cream Sands.


When done right, the character successfully passes obstacles. Hooray!

Glicode’s most popular product, Pocky, is a snack brand recognized for its deliciously-coated cookie sticks. These come in different flavors, including chocolate, strawberry, matcha green tea, chocolate banana, milk chocolate and cookies and cream.

Pocky has been in Japan since the 60’s, making it an iconic figure in the country’s snack industry. Its official website notes:

Pocky has been a part of Japanese life since 1966 and has been enjoyed by generations of families. A common sentiment amongst Pocky fans is that it brings a sense of nostalgia, inviting fond memories of times spent with friends and family while sharing a box of Pocky.”

“As the perfect anytime, anywhere snack, its stylish packaging is made for taking with you on-the-go—conveniently nestled in your pocket, in your purse, or simply in your hand.”

Written by: NextShark

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Pocky Adds BLUEBERRY Flavor That’s Shaped Like Hearts


While most people aren’t too familiar with the name Glico, they’re more than recognize one of its most popular products: Pocky. The thin pretzel/biscuit sticks are partially-dipped in chocolate and sold in whimsical boxes. Rocket News reports Glico is releasing a limited-edition flavor of Pocky that’ll leave you blue.

You can now get your hands on a special Blueberry Pocky. The biscuit stick is dipped into a special blueberry chocolate that gives it a unique color. In keeping with the close-to-Valentine’s release, the snack also features a subtle heart shape at its cross-sections.

Pocky fans are familiar with the traditional chocolate flavor as well as all the different variations over the years. This includes: strawberry, white chocolate and green tea.

Photo: Pocky


Latest Korean Meme Has Schoolgirls Carrying Giant Backpacks Made of Junk Food


The latest in WTF? news: Korean schoolgirls are walking around with giant backpacks made from chips, snack cakes, Pocky, and bottles of yogurt. Why? Who cares? I just want one of my own.

In no small feat of playground ingenuity, students in South Korea have been assembling oversized “snack packs” comprised of their favorite bags of chips, bottles of drinkable yogurt, satchels of chocolate marshmallow cakes, and bins of cheese balls, with packaged candy bars tied together as backpack straps. The reason, according to Kotaku, has something to do with girls giving the bags as birthday presents, though some are also just making them for themselves, presumably in case of a zombie apocalypse.



With all that posterior real estate being occupied, you can’t help but wonder where these girls put all their school supplies, though you gotta love their priorities.

Picthx Kotaku

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Giant Lightsaber Pocky are Everything You’ve Always Known You’ve Always Wanted


Kids have been using snack sticks as miniature swords forever, but these new pastel green, pink and purple Pocky aren’t just swords. Oh no, they’re lightsabers.

Part of a bigger partnership between Glico and Lucasfilm – which also includes Star Wars-themed instant rice and curry packets, for some reason – the new Giant 8” Lightsaber Pocky come in three unique flavors specifically modeled after Yoda, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker’s swords. In case you couldn’t tell, that means the “Green Tea” one is the little green guy’s, the “Grape” one is Luke’s and the “Strawberry” one belongs to the Sith Lord himself. It’s not clear why they couldn’t have just used the proper colorings for the latter two, but it must take one menacing bad guy to still look threatening while waving around a tiny pink wand — Voom, voom.

Giant Lightsaber Pocky are currently available on ebay for $12 a pack.

H/T Eataku + PicThx Glico


16 Things That Taste Just Like My Asian American Childhood

acleader (1)

Nabisco? Hostess? Please, it’s all about Lotte, Glico and Calbee.

Growing up Asian-American, it was always hard not to feel just a little bit different from your peers, especially at lunchtime. While your classmates were knocking back Capri Suns and Dunkaroos, you’d be stuck drinking probiotic Yakult and eating Hello Panda crackers. But that’s okay, because trips to the Asian grocery store with your parents usually meant stopping by the toy counters out front and picking up the newest holographic Pokemon cards, which were always loads cooler than anything you’d find in a Cracker Jack box.

With that in mind, here’s a list of the top 16 Things That Taste Just Like Your Asian American Childhood. Mmm, just like mom used to pack.


1. Pocky, Yan Yan, Hello Panda


Never underestimate the simple joy of crunchy bread dipped in chocolate cream. Also available in Strawberry.

Picthx Asian Food Grocer


2. Lychee Jelly


These always came in giant buckets, but for some reason there were never enough. WHY WERE THERE NEVER ENOUGH?

Picthx Viet Wah


3. Shrimp-Flavored Chips


The Asian equivalent of gum (i.e., once you opened a pack, you could pretty much say goodbye to it forever).

(Notable mention: Snow Pea Crisps)

Picthx Amazon


4. Calpico, Ramune


For some reason, Japanese sodas were never content just being one color or flavor, and for some reason, the Strawberry one was always the best.

Picthx Asian Food Grocer, Sand Village Farm


5. Yakult


You had the inkling feeling this was supposed to be like liquid yogurt, but decided it was probably best not to ask too many questions.

Picthx Fechando O Ziper


6. Dry Ramen Packets


When you have built in crunchy noodles and built in seasoning, who needs chips? (Serving suggestion: crushed and shaken up in a zip-lock bag.)

Picthx Newgrounds


7. Haw Flakes


Admittedly these ones tasted kinda funny and you only ate them because your dad gave them to you, but at least tearing open the packs was always fun. Plus they kinda looked like fireworks.

Picthx Nummy Nims


8. Dry Seaweed


Perfect with or without rice.

Picthx Nourishing Meals


9. Tamarind and Coffee-Flavored Candies


Also available at most Asian restaurants (with the check, of course).

Picthx World of Snacks


10. White Rabbit


Two words: Edible. Paper.

Picthx Cafe Zupas


11. Boba


Admit it, you felt kinda cool when all your American friends started asking you to take them to get “bubble tea.”

Picthx Tasting Tampa


12. Rice-Seaweed Crackers, Wasabi Peas, Nagaraya Crackers


Picthx Hibiki, Nut Stop, Food Recap


13. Hi-Chew


Just like harder, chewier Starburst, except they also came in Melon and Mango, aka possibly the best Asian-inspired flavors ever.

Picthx David Wong


14. Asian Ice Pops


Hands down, 1 million times better than Otter Pops, just because they were a million times easier to open. Oh, snap.

Picthx Asian Food Grocer, Please Let It Be Friday


15. Orion Choco Pie


Picthx Old Delhi Mart


16. Pork Sung


Lastly, pork sung, which, despite all appearances, is really not hair. Really.

Picthx E Food Depot


Leader Image: Jordan Plenzich, Flickr