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A Female Competitive Eater Just Beat Matt Stonie’s Nearly Impossible Pocky Eating Challenge

Competitive eater Raina Huang has been making a huge name for herself this year. She’s set the world record for the biggest In-N-Out burger consumed and cleaned out Panda Express’ entire menu in 45 minutes. Her most recent feat, though, pitted her against fellow eater Matt Stonie, and she managed to eclipse his mark in a nearly impossible Pocky eating challenge.

Stonie’s initial challenge, which has garnered a whopping 8 million views since it was posted, involved him attempting to take down 1600 pieces of Pocky in as little time as possible. Unfortunately, he fell short, leaving several hundred pieces of the chocolate-covered snacks behind and throwing in the towel at around the 49 minute mark. He still ate at least over 1,000 Pocky, which is an impressive feat in and of itself.

Huang’s counterchallenge was slightly less in terms of quantity, as she only opted for 1,512 Pocky to stop with. However, she managed to take down the entire batch, finishing just a minute after Stonie gave up.

There were a few different strategies that Huang employed that may have given her a slight edge. She opted for a mix of both strawberry and chocolate Pocky, which meant she had a mix of flavors to draw from while she was eating. Stonie also went for milk and water during his challenge, while Huang only utilized bottles of water to help get her food down.

Regardless, Huang’s feat shows that she can match some of the world’s best when it comes to the space of competitive eating. We’ll have to see if Stonie eventually chooses to go for it and try to break her mark.