This Is The First Awesome Video From An Ex ‘EPIC MEAL TIME’ Chef


You may recognize our buddy Josh Elkin from Epic Meal Time. Now that he’s branched out on his own, we finally get to see what this dude can really do with his recipes.

Since his departure, Elkin’s still immersed in the food world. He’s been working on a few TV series for both the Food Network and the Cooking Channel as well as an instructional YouTube cooking show. Elkin’s also been working on a food inspired music project, recipe creations and is currently writing a cookbook.

So, my plate is certainly full, no pun intended.

His first big solo video just in time for the Super Bowl: Football Pockets. Here’s how you make them:

Football Hotdog Pretzel Pockets

Making #Superbowl food shouldn't be hard. Here's an, easy and delicious Football snack you should make for Sunday. RECIPE BELOW!1. Roll out pre made pizza dough2. Bend cookie cutter in shape of football3. Measure cut out4. Add mustard and hot dogs5. Cover with more dough6. Put it in the fridge7. Boil water and baking powder8. Put the football in water for 30 seconds 9. Put it on a baking tray and make laces using a knife10. Bake for 17 minutes on 450 degrees F. 11. Immediately coat them with melted butter

Posted by Josh Elkin on Thursday, February 4, 2016

First you roll out some pre-made pizza dough and divide the flattened result in half. Taking a metallic circular cookie cutter, bend it into the shape of a football. Use the cookie cutter to cut an outline on one side of the dough, without removing it.

Take a spoonful of mustard and add it to the center of your “football.” Cut a hot dog into horizontal quarters, and drop it on your mustard spread. Along the edges of the football outline, coat the dough with some egg wash along the perimeter.

Cut another piece of dough out from the untouched portion of the pizza dough and layer it on top of the hot dog one. Carefully removed the combined pieces and put it in the fridge. While it’s cooling, add some baking powder to a pot of water and let it boil. Then, once it’s bubbling gently put the football pocket in for 30 seconds.

On a baking sheet, carefully make some “laces” with a knife. Bake them in the oven for 17 minutes and once they’re done cover them in melted butter.

Pretty quick recipe you can enjoy with some mustard while you watch the game.

Keep an eye on Elkin’s culinary shenanigans through his Instagram and Facebook.


Taco Bell’s New “Live Más” Commercial Looks Like This [VIDEO]

A few days ago it was revealed that Taco Bell would be shifting its slogan focus from “Think[ing] Outside the Bun” to an earnest attempt to “Live Más.” The shift in branding, a hopeful attempt to promote their food as something more than fuel, but an encompassing lifestyle, is one that we’re interested to see pan out.

The first remnants of that message is now available to us, in the form of the chain’s first Live Más commercial entitled Pockets.

The 30-second TV spot includes some dude who had a “really crazy night” as told through the remnants of his pockets, which includes tickets to some band called Slab Hauler, a box of matches apparently from a psychic reading, a broken pair of sunglasses, some possible makeout sesh in a photo booth with a chick, Chinese pair of dice and of course, a packet of hot sauce from a Taco Bell that reads “That was fun.”

Could this be the start of a new, edgier, Taco Bell brand focus? You be the judge: