Futurama Inspired Burger Delivery System Shoots Orders at 87MPH via Pneumatic Tubes

Pneumatic Tubes

Talk about fast food.

New Zealand based C1 Espresso Cafe is currently testing a pneumatic tube delivery system to deliver orders to customers at 87 MPH. Looking like something out of a Futurama cartoon, the restaurant already uses the tube system to deliver orders to the kitchen. Cafe owner Sam Chofskey has already begun testing burger launching across the restaurant to ensure everything is in order before they debut the new system to customers in January.

Customers can watch their order shoot through the air via the clear tube delivery system. The food canisters will be stainless steel and will be computer locked until it arrives safely at the table. Each tube will hold three sliders stacked on top of each other and a small order of fries. Because the tubes are traveling as fast as 87 MPH extensive testing must be done to ensure tubes travel safely throughout the restaurant. Air brakes and air-pressure pockets have also been incorporated in to the system to slow down the canister as it gets close to its table destination.

Only six tables will have the tube delivery capability at first with more tubes being installed over the next year.

H/T + PicThx The Press