A Kit Kat x Lego Set You Can Actually Break Apart


Kit Kat, current kingpins of the catchy candy commercial scene, have just given us a new reason to play with our food — a Kit Kat-inspired Lego playset, featuring authentic details from the actual candy.

According to Lego blog The Brick Fan, the Kit Kat team designed the set during one of their “occupational breaks.” Dubbed #LegoKITKAT, the concept comes complete with a bright red, international Kit Kat packaging outer “wrapper,” four layered “chocolate wafer” sticks, and a set number (27325). Judging by the promotional images, you could also use the set to create a Kit Kat bald eagle, Kit Kat tyrannosaurus, and a Kit Kat fighter plane.


Unfortunately, the set is just a mock-up for now, but that’s no reason we shouldn’t all try to recreate the thing ourselves. Break Time, Any Time.

H/T + Picthx Nerdalicious