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Goblets Of Fire Are Real At This Harry Potter Cafe

When Universal Studios opened up a Harry Potter-themed section in its park, fans got a chance to enjoy glasses of the infamous Butter Beer.

Really, the only way to top that is with an actual Goblet of Fire beverage, which is exactly what this Potter-Themed bar serves up to fans of the book.

Platform 1094 in Singapore transformed its cafe into a full-on Potter wet dream, complete with magic wands, a very Hogwarts-looking dining room, and of course, the Bacardi-infused flaming goblet.

The Harry Potter-based drink looks very similar to a “Backdraft” shot. It requires you to pour a shot of Bacardi that’s lit on fire, into the glass of Blue Curacao. Then you pour the “Magic Powder,” AKA cinnamon, over the top and get treated to a pretty lit fire show.

They have other cool drinks, too, such as a their Truth Venom, Dizziness Tonic, and Elixir of Life, but those aren’t lit on fire, so they don’t get as many props.

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If you muggles out there are huge Potter fans, this might be something you’ll want to experience. Plus a trip out of the country is always dope.

h/t hellogiggles