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Las Vegas Hawaiian Joint Packs Traditional Plate Lunches Into BURRITOS

Hawaii’s quintessential meal has to be the traditional plate lunch. It’s simple in delivery, consisting of two scoops of rice, a scoop of mac salad, and your choice of protein. That no-frills combination is big on flavor, making it a noshworthy feast regardless of which meat you choose.

On the US mainland, a joint called Fist of Fusion puts their own creative spin on the traditional Aloha State fare. They cram all of the above and some veggies into a tortilla to make an EPIC Hawaiian Plate Lunch Burrito.

Photo: Elie Ayrouth // Foodbeast

At their locations in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, you can get the burrito stuffed with teriyaki chicken katsu. It comes with a deep-fried chicken breast, Hawaiian teriyaki sauce, rice, mac salad, grilled veggies, tropical slaw, and a honey chipotle aioli drizzle. In Vegas, you can level up  and get beef short rib and kimchi salsa stuffed inside as well.

Foodbeast Editor-in-Chief and boss of burrito busts Elie Ayrouth was ecstatic to discover the burrito because, for him, it was a delicious blast from the past.

“I got introduced to whatever California-ized version of plate lunches that I was told were Hawaiian-inspired during my high school days. Loved it with a fierce nostalgia… [Fist of Fusion’s] burrito form was the culmination. Sweet from the sauce, wet from the mac, hearty from the chicken.”

For those who love the plate lunch as much as Ayrouth, or just want a portable meal bursting with flavor, this burrito crammed with the ono kine grindz is the way to go.