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Fast Food’s Iconic Folded Egg Just Got A Plant-Based Version In Grocery Stores

When you go to fast food chains like McDonald’s or Sonic for a breakfast sandwich, you can usually tell it apart by the distinct folded shape of the egg. A feat hard to pull off in the kitchen, it acts as a signature for these fast food morning meals.

Folded eggs have never been something you could just buy somewhere, since pre-cooking eggs into that shape and freezing them isn’t the most ideal way to store it. However, plant-based egg maker JUST came out with a form that is ready to reheat and stick into any breakfast sandwich.

The new plant-based folded eggs were just announced in a press release, providing a convenient folded egg-like product that can be used at home for breakfast. JUST’s vegan egg is made predominantly from mung bean protein, and the company claims to use 98% water, 83% less land, and 93% less carbon dioxide emissions than conventional egg production.

Each box of the folded plant eggs comes with a pack of four, and will be sold in the freezer section. While the folded egg is obviously meant for those wanting to put it into a sandwich, another usage for it could be to reheat the vegan egg, cut it up, and put it into a fried rice or other dish that calls for scrambled egg.

Photo courtesy of JUST

JUST also announced a drastic price slash on its refrigerated liquid egg product, cutting the cost down by a whopping 35 percent, according to VegNews. This makes a bottle of JUST egg on par with the cost of a dozen organic eggs, approximately $4.99. While it’s still on the pricier end of eggs in general, flexitarians and plant eaters alike have a more accessible and affordable animal-free alternative as a result.

The folded eggs will be available in 5,000 stores at its launch in April, with stores like Whole Foods, Albertsons Safeway, Gelson’s, Kings Food Markets, and Giant Martin’s getting a first crack at it. As for JUST’s standard product, the price drop will occur some time in the second quarter of 2020.

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Breaking Down Two Of The Top Plant-Based Egg Alternatives Available Now

Plant-based alternatives are getting increasingly closer to their original replicas, especially in the world of egg substitutes. Today, you can purchase alternatives to eggs that work in all kinds of applications, like scrambling, baking, sauces, frittatas, and more.

In the current industry of egg alternatives, two companies really stand out: Follow Your Heart, one of the earliest to create an egg alternative, and JUST, the successor to Hampton Creek whose scrambled egg substitute has become a viral success.

Of course, you’re probably not going to have multiple egg alternatives in your food supply at once, so if you’re looking for which one of these two top choices to go with, here’s a look at what each one does best. From there, you can decide for yourself which one you should be getting on a regular basis.


Photo courtesy of JUST

JUST uses a mung bean protein to make their plant-based scramble, and it has all the form and function of standard scrambled eggs. Fellow Foodbeast Peter Pham captured the alternative being cooked at Expo West, and watching it turn into perfect scrambled eggs is mind-blowing.

Check out the video below:

In terms of capability, JUST’s “egg” is ideal for anything you want to do in terms of scrambling. This includes soft scrambled eggs, frittatas, Spanish tortillas, pancake batters, and anything along those lines. Its ability to thicken also makes it useful for batters for items like French toast.

Photo courtesy of JUST

Outside of that primary ability, though, JUST’s product isn’t incredibly versatile. It’s okay at some lighter baking applications (ie. cookies), but it really is made to be a scramble above all else. JUST itself doesn’t recommend using it as a substitute in baking just yet, although its working on a version that will hold up. It’s an amazing replica of a scramble, but not as strong when it comes to other usages of egg.

JUST also does require refrigeration and has a relatively short shelf life, so when you do buy it, you’ll want to use it sooner rather than later.

Follow Your Heart

Photo courtesy of Follow Your Heart

At first glimpse, Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg is very different from what JUST offers. Follow Your Heart’s soy-based version is a powder that you mix up with water when you want to make your egg substitute. You do get enough per batch to equate to about a dozen eggs, give or take. It’s not as convenient as the ready-to-pour JUST, but still pretty simple to use.

Follow Your Heart’s egg does take a bit longer to scramble, needing about 8-10 minutes versus the 2 minutes for JUST. As for texture, it’s a little more runny, but still has a similar taste and texture.

Photo courtesy of Follow Your Heart

Unlike JUST, however, Follow Your Heart excels at being versatile, especially for baking. Its base liquid form and thickening ability make it ideal for sauces and vegan versions of custard (tricky to pull off, but possible). One of my personal favorite usages for it is as the “egg” of a plant-based carbonara sauce, where it both coats and enriches to perfection.

The VeganEggs are also a great egg replacement in baking applications, particularly in cookies and cakes. It works so well in baking because Follow Your Heart’s product can withstand the higher heats without needing to scramble, and incorporates well into baking and other mixes. You can also utilize it in batters for items like pancakes, waffles, and other breakfast staples.

Overall, if you prefer eating savory foods or want to cut out eggs from your morning routine, I’d go for JUST as the top alternative to scrambles in the game. If you’re more into baking and general applications, though, Follow Your Heart is more ideal.