Get Someone’s Mouth On Uranus With This Solar System Drinking Set

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your friends fill up Uranus? Dream no more.

Firebox continues to release banger after cosmic banger with their products, only this time they call out to the astronaut in all of us.Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.43.07 AM

This Solar System drinking set comes equipped with all 9 planets, although it includes Pluto, which is now being considered a dwarf planet and not cool enough to hang out with the other planets.

Each glass in the set comes with detailed depictions of each planet’s surface, with a particular emphasis (obviously) on the earth glass.

This set comes with 10 glasses total, with eight of them holding 10 oz. (Mercury through Neptune), a Sun glass at 16 oz., then finally a large shot glass of Pluto that will hold 4 oz.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.43.14 AM




Photo Credit: Firebox 


How Big the Solar System’s Planets are Relative to Fruit Sizes

space fruit

This illustration shows a pretty cool way to wrap your head around how much bigger some of the planets in our solar system are compared to others. It was created by Avi Solomon using data from BBC Two’s show “Stargazing live.”

From largest to smallest, Jupiter is represented as a watermelon, Saturn is a large grapefruit, Uranus is an apple, Neptune is a lime, Venus and Earth are cherry tomatoes, Mars is a blueberry, and Mercury is a peppercorn.

It’s still pretty messed up what they did to Pluto.

H/T Boing Boing, PicThx Avi Solomon


Here’s a Gas-tronomically Accurate Cake Model of Jupiter


Cake Crumbs’ talented Rhiannon sure knows how to make cakes. A while back, she turned heads with her multi-layered cake replica of the planet Earth. Now she’s at it again and this time, she’s going bigger. I’m talking Jupiter big. Combining her love of astronomy with her love of baking, she’s tackled the largest planet in our solar system.

In the end I settled on Jupiter predominantly for one reason: its Great Red Spot. The giant anticyclonic storm has always been one of my favourite things and continues to be a subject of great fascination for me. At thrice the size of the Earth it’s bewildering to comprehend the actual magnitude of it. If I absolutely have to choose a favourite planet, it’s got to Jupiter for that storm alone.

After eight hours of meticulous detailing, tons of fondant and edible ink, she was able to replicate the Great Red Spot and all the other intricacies surrounding Jupiter’s atmosphere.


The center core of the planet is made out of mud cake with a surrounding layer of Almond Butter cake, then a layer of tinted vanilla Madeira sponge above that. Just below the fondant, the sphere is covered with a vanilla buttercream crumb coat.

If they had used cakes like these in grade school science, I would have paid much more attention. This Jupiter cake looks to be yet another successful project for Cake Crumbs. Hopefully we’ll be seeing something just as cool with the same amount of care, detail and creativity from this talented baker.

PicThx CakeCrumbs