The Real Reason We All Love To Order Ginger Ale On Planes

No one is really sure why, but ever since ginger ale and airplanes have both been around, they’ve gone hand in hand. I can’t remember why I first ordered ginger ale on a plane as a kid, but since then, the only other drinks I order on planes now are packed to the brim with booze. Some people still have a fear of flying.

Redditor muki_mono began a revolution when she asked the world of Reddit for their thoughts. “I always see people drinking ginger ale on planes, but almost never off them. I drink the same thing on planes than I do on solid ground, and it’s not ginger ale, but I keep feeling like there’s something everyone else is in on and I’m not.”

It’s magic sky juice.

As you can imagine, the thread erupted with a barrage of epiphanies, explanations and assumptions, all entertaining or informative. One Redditor referred to ginger ale as “magic sky juice,” while another pondered on the relativity of ginger ale, simply stating, “it’s just sort of…tradition.”

Most people believed that it helps settle an upset stomach, and frankly, I tend to agree with them. It’s settled my stomach more than once, especially as a child. That being said, there were some people slightly more qualified than your average Redditor who have a different opinion.

Sherry Ross, M.D., from Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California, believes that, “It’s not the ginger providing the relief. . . You’re buying into the power of suggestion. We’ve learned from our mothers and grandmothers, who brought us ginger ale and chicken-noodle soup when we were sick as kids, that ginger ale works. . .Those types of foods have powerful messaging to our brains and that alone makes us feel better.”

As it turns out, it’s not the ginger in ginger ale that makes us feel better, but rather it’s a combination of nostalgia and a placebo effect.

I’m still getting ginger ale on every plane I board ’til the day I die.


College Chef Flies In A Plane For The First Time In His Life, His Reaction Will Choke You Up


Growing up, a lot of us dreamt of the ability to fly. Some pursued those dreams in varying fields and some, unfortunately, had to let those dreams go.

Jason is a kid who started a series about crossing 100 items off his bucket list. The series is appropriately called: Jason’s List. In his first episode, he takes his college dorm chef into the air. Eric, who Jason discovered always wanted to fly, had never flown in a plane before.

The young filmmaker tells Eric that he wants to go bowling together and takes him out one Saturday morning. Instead of bowling, Eric discovers they’re about to take a ride on a plane.

Check out the awesome video below and see Eric’s reaction to taking to the air for the first time.


AIR FOOD ONE: Now You Can Get Airplane Food Delivered, Sadly Not via a Tiny Cart


Do you dream of murky cardboard trays and tiny bottles of Smirnoff? Well weirdo, you’re in luck. Online German grocer has partnered with Lufthansa airlines to launch Air Food One — a home delivery service specializing in, yeah, airplane food. Because Stouffer’s just can’t compare.


The good news is the food is supposedly “business-class quality,” says Mashable — meaning plates of peppered chicken breast, pumpkin gnocchi, and emperor bream with herb risotto. No peanut bags up in here. The frozen meals also match the offerings currently available on the airline each week, for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars less than what they’re paying 30,000 feet up in the air.


In-flight movies, extra leg-room, and chances to join the mile-high club sadly not included, either.


Babyplane Spoon

We all know the cliche: the mom making airplane noises while flailing around a spoon full of baby food whilst the fussy baby in question absolutely refuses to eat. Why is it that baby so-and-so just won’t eat his stringed carrots? Because no spoon on the face of the earth looks anything like an airplane… until now. Thoroughly fool your babies into thinking you’re actually landing a plane of baby food into the hangar that is their mouths with this little utensil. ($19 @ Amazon)