Pop These Candy Pills & Get ‘Sugar High’


Remember at camp when the counselors would tell you to close your eyes while they told a scary story and a bowl of wet grapes, cold spaghetti and dried apricots would make its way around a circle of kids. Remember how the story wasn’t scary or believable and the wet grapes didn’t feel like eyeballs, dried apricots like tongues nor spaghetti like veins, but at least afterwards every one got to indulge in some good ol’ wiggle worm dirt pudding. Like most things since the fifth grade– appearance, taste in music, life in general– that part of us which is only satisfied by eating things that resembles the inside of human innards has, too, improved.

Eat Your Heart Out, an event held this week at St. Bart’s Pathology Museum in London will host decadent desserts, among them Popping-Candy Placebos invented by Animal Vegetable Mineral. Tasha Marks, the founder of AVM has created edible hair, edible taxidermy (you know, to eat with tea) and moss-flavored jelly cubes – and she has the credentials to do it! She studied the history of jelly and desserts at a university in London. A long way from dirt worms, these gel capsules dissolve in your mouth, relinquishing sweet candy beads. They are prescribed to hypochondriacs and if you know anything about placebo effects, it may just cure your non-existent illness or unlock the opium that exists inside our brain. Like I said, things have improved since the fifth grade.


Via evilcakehead