‘And Now It’s a Fucking Froyo Place’ Shames New York’s Latest Froyo Locations


New Yorkers love grumbling about how the neighborhood (doesn’t matter what neighborhood, always just the neighborhood) is going. Now, there’s a Tumblr dedicated to their curmudgeon-ry, and it’s pretty bleak. It’s also hilarious.

And now it’s a fucking froyo place is dedicated to retail locations that have been converted into, you guessed it, froyo places. The website posts pictures of what shops used to be, before showing the same location with a frozen yogurt store in its place.

It’s amazing how many different places fall victim. Day spas, local restaurants, even moving companies are taken over by a dizzying array of frozen yogurt shops and stands. Even more interesting are the last portraits of New York’s personality, as it gets swept up and washed away for convenience and (supposedly) virtuous treats.

Check it out for yourself. You might laugh, you might cry, and you’ll probably end up craving some froyo.