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This Pizza-Stuffed Burger Patty Is Sandwiched Between Pizza Buns And We Are All Winners For It

How much pizza is too much pizza? We’ve yet to find that answer. Even with a recipe this insane, you could argue it’s the perfect amount of pizza.

YouTube channel HellthyJunkFood made a burger patty that’s not only stuffed with pizza, they then put pizza slices as buns. In the spirit of Xzibit, it’s like they heard we like pizza, so they put pizza inside a pizza while being inside two pizzas.

Fans of the YouTube account have mixed reactions to the video, some commenting things like, “I just had a heart attack looking at this!!!!,” to, “I want that pizza burger INSIDE ME SO BAD!!! MORE THAN I WANT AIR!”

It does look a bit terrifying, but how could you resist such a monstrous creation, with two of the most popular foods of all time.