PizzaRev Is Now Letting Kids Eat FREE At All Their Restaurants

While everyone’s advised to stay home, parents may have it pretty tough balancing a work-from-home life as well as the responsibility of feeding kids currently out of school. Yes, it’s every parents’ responsibility to make sure there’s food in their child’s stomachs, but what if that meant free pizza?

In an effort to bring some relief to stressed out parents, build-your-own pizza chain PizzaRev is letting kids eat FREE all day everyday.

With the purchase of an adult entree, a child will get his or her own personal cheese or pepperoni pizza, a healthy drink, and a dessert of their choice. Parent and child can sit down together and enjoy their own personally crafted pies from the safety of their homes.

PizzaRev is also offering beer and wine through DoorDash with proof of ID upon delivery. Just in case y’all feel like stress drinking.


‘Young & Reckless’ Took Over This Pizza Parlor, Lived Up To Its Name

We weren’t sure what would happen when elite street-wear brand, Young & Reckless, and its MTV figurehead CEO Drama, made plans to take over a Los Angeles PizzaRev. Hot Models? Crazy Pizzas? Food Apparel?

Yes, in reckless amounts and abandon. But let me tell you about these pizzas.


The Young & Reckless Pizza

Reckless Pizza Pizza Rev

The Young & Reckless Pizza: Signature dough, pink sauce, mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese, Canadian bacon, sweet fennel sausage, pepperoni, meatballs, sun-dried tomatoes, basil, arugula, fennel seeds, fresh garlic, red onion and olive oil drizzle. The most well balanced speciality/promo pizza of the bunch. Well thought out, and outlandishly delish.

The “Foodbeast” Pizza

FOODBEAST Pizza-9144

The FOODBEAST: We had never ordered a pizza from a build-your-own location with ALL THE MEATS. So that’s what we did. Pepperoni, multiple types of sausage, chicken, pulled pork, ham, Canadian bacon and any other protein they had that came from an animal. OK, you got me. I’ll be honest. We didn’t include anchovies because we don’t like them and we’re non-committal.


Drama’s Pizza

Y&R Pizza Capsule-9129

Drama’s Pizza: Signature dough, pink sauce, mozzarella cheese, spicy pepperoni, italian sausage, pineapple, pepperoncini, and finished with basil pesto. The shirt featured was exclusive to the event, but if you’re into pizza socks (and who isn’t), they’re available for $10 here. Oh and who’s the hot girl on the shirt? Meet Naressa Valdez. She’s got pizza in her instagram handle, so I’ve made an executive decision that this is food related.

Reckless Girls Pizza

Reckless Pizza-9138

Reckless Girls Pizza: Signature dough, BBQ sauce, mozzarella, onion, chicken, crispy bacon and pineapple. I was ecstatic that the pizza from Reckless Girls wasn’t gluten free, vegetarian, pescatarian, or any other erroneous pizza type. And hey, it actually featured multiple proteins.

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