LA Pizzeria Creates ‘Seitan Meets Jesus’ Meat Lovers Pizza

seitan satan meets jesus pizza pizzanista vegan

Los Angeles pizzeria Pizzanista announced its latest vegan-pizza offering through its Facebook Page — the ‘Satan (Seitan) Meets Jesus’ which is inspired by its original ‘Meat Jesus’ pizza that includes pepperoni, sausage and bacon with a mixture of cheese and tomato sauce.

The new devilish offering mocks the Meat Jesus, but is Vegan approved with meat options from Upton’s Naturals and cheeses from Daiya Vegan Cheeses.  That’s right folks, the picture above is all faux.

Pizzanista apparently created the pizza for Vegan Pizza Day (who knew?) and is available by the whole pizza or the slice. If the numbers are anything like Pizzanista’s other pizza prices, slices of the pie should go for around $4 and the full pizza for around $25. If any FOODBEASTs give it a try, let us know how it was on our Facebook Page or in the comments.


LA-Based Pizzeria Tries Out a Cheeseburger Pizza

LA-Based Pizzanista! first made their way into some national spotlight when they started marketing their ‘Cold, 1-Day Old Pizza.’ Along the way, the pizzeria continues to push the limits of their pizza flavors with burrito pizzas, and as of yesterday, “The All American” Cheeseburger Pizza.

The special pie includes potatoes, fresh seasoned ground beef, cheddar cheese, red onions, tomatoes, and dill pickles. If you’re looking to get crazy, ketchup and mustard are available on request.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and want to give this pizza a try, grab their operating hours and location from their website or Facebook page.


This LA Pizzeria Sells You Cold, 1-Day Old Pizza

Touted as “Economic Stimulus Pizza,” LA-based Pizzanista! is selling cold, day-old pizza for $1. The same funny-guys who pushed Carne Asada and Chorizo Burrito Pizzas but a few days ago. You gotta give it to these pie-makers for having fun with their genre.

It looks like every $1 spent on this deal will net you multiple slices, wrapped in plastic. A worthy idea for those looking to save a buck, and an even sweeter deal for those who enjoy cold pizza over its warm past-tense version any day of the week. Get happy, as they say —






LA-based Pizzanista! Serves Up “Burrito Pizzas”

Los Angeles-based pizzeria Pizzanista! has recently been popularizing two new Burrito Pizza recipes they’re serving up out of their downtown location. Pictured above is the brand’s Chorizo Pizza, a concoction of refried beans, chorizo, salsa fresca, diced white onions, fresh cilantro, queso fresca & cheddar.

The other option is a Carne Asada Pizza (below), complete with refried beans as a base, carne asada throughout, queso fresca, salsa verde, diced white onions, fresh cilantro and some helpings of cheddar cheese.

Here’s a video that shows the origins of the Burrito Pizza, and a bit of the behind-the-scenes process:


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