Group Of Firefighters Made The Most Monstrous Pizzaburger Ever

Canadian firefighters. Sounds a bit pointless, right? I always believed that Canada is akin to Narnia in that there is a constant downpours of cold, wet snow, but I could be wrong. Probably.

One Canadian firefighter named Chris and his fellow fire-bangin’ buddies came together to give birth to perhaps the most beautiful little baby pizzaburger the world has ever known, despite the fact that everyone knows freshly newborn pizzaburgers really aren’t even that cute.

According to BroBible, the defenders of all things flammable came together in their firehall to bring this Frankenfood monster to life. Chris, the head chef of this diabolical dinner, provided an ingredients list to the Twitterverse.

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Alright Americans, the Canadians are clearly learning our tricks to leading short, obese lives, so it’s time to step up our game!



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Multilayered Birthday/Wedding/Any Reason Cake is Made Entirely of Pizza


Back in February, Jersey-born Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia ruled that a deep dish pizza pie is not pizza, but “tomato soup in a bread bowl.” He didn’t, however, say anything about a pizza cake.

Canadian chain Boston Pizza, who you may recall brought us the PizzaBurger around this time last year, is now hosting a contest to find the next “Pizza Game Changer.” Entries range from the mildly novel (pizza-flavored breath mints and pizza air fresheners) to the spectacularly outlandish (pizza-holding shirt pockets, gas-powered pizza cutters, and of course, a whole pizza-crusted pizza cake).

Boston Pizza fans vote for their favorites and the winner gets made into an actual product. Currently leading up the pack with just under 1000 votes is the pizza cake, which looks like a whole bunch of regular pizzas stacked one on top of the other and fused together by a massive golden crust wall. “Great for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, weddings, and even lonely nights watching infomercials.”

Personally, my money is on the heavy duty, theft-proof Pizza Protector. I mean, obviously.

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Update: Pizzaburger Finally Available in the US


(UPDATE 9/2/13: A previous version of this story incorrectly listed Boston’s Canadian chain name ‘Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza’ but has since been changed to the American name ‘Boston’s Restaurant and Sports Bar’)

As we’re wont to do, we griped our blogging little fingers off when last April we heard Canada had something we wanted; specifically, a half pound Angus beef patty smothered in pizza sauce, grated cheese, pepperoni and bacon and baked inside pizza dough.

Well my fellow ‘muricans, I’m happy to announce the Pizzaburger is finally ours.

Now available at all Boston’s Restaurant and Sports Bar U.S. locations nationwide, the U.S. Pizzaburger comes in the same two varieties as the original: either Five-Cheese or Pepperoni & Bacon, just with more pizza sauce and a new, cheesy, online dating-themed marketing campaign, because Canada just “gets us.”

Ah well, at least you don’t have to fly to Japan anymore.

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Surrender Your Arteries Now: The Megaburgerpizza Has Arrived


The Pizzaburger is one of those savory unicorns you’ve heard about in hushed conversations but have never actually tried yourself. And you probably never will because it’s always a fleeting “limited time” item or offered in faraway lands like Japan. . . or Canada.

For those lucky few who do happen to be in Japan, however, Kyoto pizza shop Pizza Little Party is offering the Megaburgerpizza. Note, that’s “Mega,” aka sh*t just got escalated.
pizza burger
Japan’s Pizzaburger behemoth weighs in at 2.65 lbs and essentially swaps the buns for two 11-inch pizza pies decked out with meat sauce and cheese. Sandwiched between the pizzas are 400g of grilled beef patties decked out with the usual burger fixings of ketchup, mustard, pickles and onions.

The Megaburgerpizza rolls out September 1 and will be available until November 22 for 2,580 Yen (US $26). Until we can figure out a way to teleport to Japan, we’ll be over here improvising with $1 cheeseburgers and microwavable pizzas.

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The Pizzaburger is Everything You Could Want It To Be And More


Back in 2010, Burger King announced its NY Pizza Burger, which was four times the size of a regular burger, came on a nine-and-a-half inch sesame bun and, at $13 a pop, contained just over 2,500 calories. Despite all the fanfare, however, it was really just an oversized Whopper with cuts in it.

This, on the other hand, is a work of art.

Brought to us by one of Canada’s largest casual dining chains, Boston Pizza, the Pizza Burger is admittedly more like a burger calzone than a pizza burger and comes in two varieties: The Pepperoni & Bacon and the Five-Cheese. The Pepperoni & Bacon features toasted pizza dough surrounding a half-pound prime rib patty with pizza sauce, pepperoni, bacon and mozzarella, and the Five-Cheese envelops the patty with mozzarella, cheddar, feta, asiago and parmesan.


Currently, the Pizzaburger is available at all 345 Boston Pizza locations across Canada from now until June 2, but unfortunately the company, which is known as Boston’s: The Gourmet Pizza, has announced no plans to introduce the menu item in the States, though we all know it totally should.

Come on, it’s a burger in pizza form or a pizza in burger form. Let’s not let Canada have all the fun.

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