The Mega Slice Is One Of The Many Wild Items At This New Jersey Pizzeria

Take a trip to any one of the two locations of Joe’s Rotisseria and you’re transported to a pizzeria that tosses all pizza norms out the top floor window of the nearest high-rise and revels in the excess of its madcap creations. The Mega Slice above is one of many brash menu items from Joe’s and it features enough pepperoni to tame all the Ninja Turtles’ cravings all at once, while casually boasting a crust made up of garlic knots. Yup, Joe’s Rotisseria really is about that life.

But besides the eye-popping Mega Slice rocking garlic knots as a statement piece, Joe’s also features more concepts that are sure to drop jaws and break necks from the whiplash of a second glance. Here’s some of the showstoppers:

This chicken parm pizza has got an alfredo chicken cutlet calzone crust and I’m over here thinking it’s ready to punch me in the throat with its aggressiveness.

Joes’s Rotisseria serves up baton-sized mozarrella sticks called Thunder Sticks and has decided that stuffing one of them in a hefty cheesesteak sandwich with a ladleful of marinara was the chaos we needed today.

Joe’s takes pretzel crust literally here, and technically, they’re not wrong.

I don’t quite exactly know what’s going on right here, but I see a football-sized calzone that’s Frankenstein’d onto a moat of vodka sauce and burrata and I’m instantly compelled to confront the whole thing mouth-first.

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Domino’s Japan Has A New 4-Flavor Pizza

Photo: Domino’s Japan

Last week we reported on Domino’s Japan’s new Fish & Chips Pizza, showcasing their ability to deliver toppings that go beyond the norm for your typical pie. It seems they’re consistent in that innovative energy by introducing a new Quattro Nippon Pizza that features four different flavors all at once: Mentai Mayo Mocha, Hokkaido Three-Cheese, Charcoal-Grilled Teri-Chiki, Charcoal-Grilled Beef.

The out-the-box mentality that Domino’s Japan has when it comes to pizza toppings is something I definitely can get behind, ,and if I were in Japan right now, I’d drop the ¥1,300 JPY (approximately $12 USD) it takes to score me this new Quattro Nippon Pizza.

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Domino’s Japan Is Selling a Fish & Chips Pizza

Photo: Domino’s Japan

Pizzas offer the ultimate blank canvas for food creativity to run wild on. It literally gives the opportunity for anyone to channel their inner Bob Ross in the kitchen and let happy little accidents come to play while also serving as the catalyst for some off the wall creations.

As a result we’ve seen plenty of pizza toppings that have dropped jaws, earlier this week we even saw turkey testicles have a go at some pizza dough.

Domino’s Japan is offering a new pizza that’s not as controversial as that, but still is raising more than a few eyebrows: Fish & Chips Pizza.

Photo: Domino’s Japan

According to Domino’s Japan’s site, the new Sakusaku Fish & Chips Pizza boasts crispy fish & chips, lemon, potato slices, basil, tartar sauce, and tomato sauce. It’s worth noting that its got whole lemon slices with rinds and all on top of this pie, so we really can focus on that being worse than pineapple as a topping.

Besides some lemon rinds being problematic, the rest of this concept does sound quite appetizing, especially given the fact that crispy fish and French fries in pizza form really does have high bussin potential.

The Sakusaku Fish & Chips Pizza starts at 3,000 yen (US$27) for a medium and goes up to 4,200 yen for a large.

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Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Launches In Kroger Groceries Nationwide

Chuck E. Cheese’s holds a special place in all our childhood’s hearts. The nostalgic appreciation runs deep as we fondly look back on pizza parties, arcade tokens, and lowkey creepy animatronics.

Now, thanks to a licensing partnership between CEC Entertainment, LLC, the parent company of Chuck E. Cheese, and Flatlander Foods, the chain’s famous pizza is now coming to Kroger Company’s frozen food aisles across the nation. These new pizzas are available in two flavors: Cheese and Pepperoni and can only be found at Kroger stores.

Each pizza also includes an offer for 250 free e-tickets, good towards future visits at any participating Chuck E. Cheese location. The new Chuck E. Cheese frozen pizzas are available for $6.99 each.


Round Table Serves Up Street Taco Pizza

Photo courtesy of Round Table

It’s been a minute since I went to a Round Table Pizza. I remember the all-you-can-eat lunch special of my college days fondly. We’d fill up on breadsticks, salad, pizza and would wash all of it down with some thick, hearty ranch straight from the salad bar.

What’s Round Table cooking up now these days?

The pizza chain has announced that they’ll serve up a limited edition Street Taco Pizza for the summer. 

This unique spin on a pie features charred corn, chorizo, tomatoes, crema, crisp tortilla strips, green onions, salsa roja sauce and is served up with fresh lime wedges you can squeeze straight onto your slice.

Customers can order the new Street Taco Pizza in any size, including Extra Large, Large, Large Pan, Medium, Personal and Stuffed Crust. The pizza will only be available at participating Round Table locations starting April 26. 

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Visiting America’s Largest Pizzeria on Wheels

Las Vegas is the city of bigger and better. That’s where we go for brighter lights, flashier food, louder music, and harder drinks. But now, thanks to the Custom Pizza Truck, folks can also experience the largest mobile pizzeria.

That’s because Custom Pizza Truck looks more like a hulking moving van that’s been converted into a custom-built kitchen on wheels. Within its cavernous cabin lies a full-sized pizza making station complete with a wood-burning oven imported straight from Europe. This large space allows Custom Pizza Truck’s crew the ability to sling an astonishing 100 pizzas per hour!

Watch the latest Foodbeast News Bites video above to learn about Custom Pizza Truck’s transcontinental journey, as told by chef and owner Bart Waryzszak. It’s a unique story that highlights some tremendous ingenuity and dedication to bring authentic Neapolitan pizzas right to Las Vegas.

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Pizza Hut Launches ‘Detroit-Style Pizza’ Nationwide

For those unfamiliar with the appeal of Detroit-Style pizza, key elements in the Midwest ‘za are the caramelized crunch of its edges, unique rectangular shape, and crispy cup pepperoni. All of which lend to a slice that’s unforgettable and crave-worthy.

If you’ve never had it, surely such a description has piqued your palate. But now thanks to Pizza Hut, one won’t have to travel to the Motor City or scour the most specific pizza joints to give it a try. That’s because they have just launched their own take on Detroit-Style pizza, available nationwide starting today.

Pizza Hut’s version required over more than 500 iterations before settling on one, definitive take on the rectangular wonder that is Detroit-Style. Staying true to its roots, their take features thick, crispy, and caramelized crust, vine-ripened tomato sauce, and Detroit Double Pepperoni — 32 slices of regular pepperoni joined by another 48 slices of crispy and zesty cup pepperoni.

Four different recipes of Detroit-Style will be offered by Pizza Hut: Double Cheesy, Meaty Deluxe, and Supremo all starting at $10.99 at participating locations nationwide.

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Today I Learned Pizza Cupcakes Exist And They Look DELIGHTFUL

Ever sit in bed at night, wondering if there was another form of pizza out there that’s waiting for you to sink your teeth into? Perhaps, a marriage of pizza and cupcakes?

Artisinal bakery The Pizza Cupcake. delivers exactly this holy matrimony of eats.

Created by owners Michelle Jimenez-Meggiato and Andrea Meggiato, the bite-sized snack brings together elements of their namesakes into a delectable flavor puck.

Photo courtesy of The Pizza Cupcake

Made with brioche and pizza dough, the cupcakes are stuffed with tomatoes, sauce, and stretchy mozzarella cheese.

You can order Pizza Cupcakes through their website and are available for delivery in 26 states:
Arizona, Southern California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia.

We may never want to try a pizza bagel again after looking at these. I’d love to dunk one in some Wing Stop ranch.