8 Awesome Food Habits Tracy Morgan Just Revealed to the World


Tracy Morgan stopped by Reddit today for a little heart to heart. The occasion? His new spot on Comedy Central, Bona Fide, and his new stand up tour Turn It Funny. But enough about that, you came here to read about his undying love for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and how good women make lasagna with six different cheeses.

Also, creamy peanut butter > chunky peanut butter. Because Tracy Morgan said so.


If Tracy Morgan had to pick between a waffle or a pizza, he’d pick a waffle pizza. He must read Foodbeast.


His favorite food to eat is the Big Mac.



Tracy agrees that good women make lasagna with six different cheeses



He wants us to know that poor Uncle Jemima’s syrup never made it on shelves… but damn was it “buttery.”


 His favorite pop-tart flavor is #chocolatechocolatechocolate



Tracy Morgan will not tell you where to get his favorite pizza.




Tracy Morgan agrees with Foodbeast that creamy peanut butter will — and will always be — better than chunky.



He’s eating filet mignon with spinach for dinner tonight. Because he’s Tracy fucking Morgan.



These Macaroni and Cheese Waffles are Perfect for any Meal


We thought no one would ever be able to top Macaroni and Cheese Pancakes…oh how wrong we were.

Serious Eats, the geniuses behind waffle creations such as the Pizza Waffle and last week’s Wafalafel just upped their game with the latest addition to their “will it waffle?” series, Macaroni and Cheese Waffles.

Sure, the process is a bit more involved than taking leftovers and waffling them but the end result looks pretty friggin worth it. After some trial and error with simply adding macaroni and cheese to waffle batter, then trying to make a grilled cheese with macaroni and cheese in the middle, the perfect method was achieved.

This time I tried doing for macaroni and cheese what KFC did for the chicken sandwich with their Double Down: replace the bread with the filling.

Can you say GENIUS? Using the macaroni as the bread and filling the slices with some shredded cheese resulted in the ooey-gooey cheesy waffle that creator J. Kenji Lopez-Alt was looking for.

Now that the ultimate waffle has been achieved what the hell else can we waffle?

waffle all

H/T + PicThx Serious Eats, Cheezburger


How to Make Fast Food Waffles [VIDEO]

A few weeks back, we caught a picture of someone’s ingenious idea of popping leftover pizza into a waffle iron, essentially making a true-to-form pizza waffle.

The idea got us thinking that you could apply this trick to a lot of leftovers, from turning soggy burgers into crispy waffle buns to transforming wet soft tacos into hot, gooey waffle tacos.

So, we got to rummaging through the fridge, swooping up anything we could find. Since it was the Foodbeast office fridge we were pillaging, we had cold pizza and everything from a day-old McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger to a Taco Bell Chicken Gordita on deck. Don’t judge us.

From there, we proceeded to test how these things fared when put through the waffle iron. Check out the spoils of our labor: 

Waffle Double Cheeseburger, McDonald’s





The heat from the waffle iron not only reheated the burger, but melted the cheese into the meat and brought a panini-pressed type crunch to the bun. The pickles were phenomenal!



Waffle Chicken Gordita, Taco Bell




The press worked wonders on the soft taco. The sour cream, nacho cheese and grilled chicken melded together into one hot, flavor-packed bite. The flour tortilla was revived to a warm, delicate texture.


Pizza Waffles, Local Pizza Shop



Previous to this food experiment, we were strong believers in the next-day cold pizza theory. We thought that pizza tasted best in leftover form, finding a beauty in cold pizza dipped in ranch. However, after sticking a folded slice of pie into the waffle iron and having a piping hot, super crunchy, melty, DIY pepperoni calzone come out, our faith’s been shaken. From now on, waffle-pressed may be the only way we ever eat (leftover) pizzas.