Pizza Roulette — A Hellish Way to Enjoy 8 Slices

I guess just eating 8 slices of pizza by your lonesome isn’t very exciting for some. In fact the New Zealand-based pizza chain Hell Pizza has created a game that takes the certainty of pizza consumption and throws it clear out the window. It’s called Pizza Roulette, and here’s how it’s played:

  • Get 7 of your closest friends (or enemies).
  • Order a pizza from Hell Pizza.
  • They give you a real revolver, loaded with just one bullet in the chamber.
  • Every time someone finishes a slice of pizza, put the gun to your forehead and squeeze the trigger.
  • Hope you live to see your table mate try a slice.

….aahhhh just kidding. That wouldn’t be a very good game for long. In reality, if you ask the folks at your local New Zeland Hell Pizza locations to to turn your pizza into a roulette table, they will add 2 drops of “one of the world’s hottest chilli sauce on one pizza slice.”

Of course, you and your group will have no idea which slice it is, therein which lies the fun.

I’ll give it up to these folks and the insane marketing value a game like this holds. Now this lonely Orange County boy has heard of a New Zealand-based pizza house: