Pranksters Show What Happens When You Don’t Tip the Pizza Boy


Not everyone believes in tipping, especially when it comes to the pizza delivery guy, so Canadian Youtube prankster group NELK created a video showing what pizza drivers really want to do, but can’t, in response.

Group member Jesse purportedly got a real job at Pizza Pizza as a pizza delivery driver to pull off the prank. For the video, Jesse was followed around for 25-30 deliveries while he surprised the people who didn’t tip him by destroying their pizzas right in front of them.

Although some people remain confident in the belief that tipping pizza delivery drivers is not a necessary gesture, others are agreeing with NELK for standing up to people who refuse to add a little extra for service.

Make sure to watch the video to the very end and see how the pizza manager responds to Jessie’s customer service.

Written by Riley Schatzle, Nextshark


Gratuitous Food Porn: Pizza Edition

GFP Pizza header

October is National Pizza Month which is basically an excuse for us all to eat more pizza. With football and baseball season in full swing it’s the perfect time to order up some pies for your next group gathering. If you have the patience and lust for some real pizza why not try one of these out for size? Warning: the following pizza images have been rated “M” for Motherfreakin’ Delicious. Scroll on for some hardcore pizza porn!


Spicy Sausage and Pepper Pizza

Spicy Sausage Sweet Pepper

Recipe: Joy the Baker


Arepa Pizza


Recipe: Spoon Fork Bacon


Lemon Pizza


Recipe: A Cozy Kitchen


Pizza Cupcakes


Recipe: Kirbie Cravings


Pepperoni Pizza Pull Apart Bread


Recipe: Just A Taste


Mango Basil Personal-Sized Tortilla Pizzas


Recipe: Averie Cooks


Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Pizza

Recipe: Smitten Kitchen


Ramen Pizza


Recipe: Serious Eats


Indian Pizza


Recipe: Mike’s Table


Chinese Food Pizza


Recipe: Zeefer Madness


Pizza Cone

Pizza Cone

Pizzacraft Grilled Pizza Cones: Amazon


S’mores Dessert Pizza


Recipe: She Knows


Fruit Pizza


Recipe: Cheap Recipe Blog


“Pizza! Pizza!”



Fitting Group


Fans Cheer For Pizza Despite Team’s Losing Effort

A crowd of 16,429 roared like maniacs as the Toronto Raptors were inching closer to earning them free pizza. The only thing that didn’t feel right was that the Raptors were seconds away from losing.

Whenever the Raptors score 100 points or more in a home game, those in attendance can redeem their tickets at Pizza Pizza and get a free slice of cheese, or pepperoni pizza.

Strange that with 39 seconds left, in a game where the home team is losing 115-98, the crowd is in a frenzy. But free food will fire up any crowd. “Pizza! Pizza!” was what the crowd chanted in unison as their team was about to be taken down by the Orlando Magic.

The Raptors promotion team has a pretty strange standard for giveaways. The Los Angeles Lakers have a similar promotion where those in attendance can get two free tacos from Jack in the Box when the Lakers score 100 or more points, the only catch is that the Lakers have to win the game.

The redemption period for the pizza begins the day after the qualifying game and ends at the end of the business day, so Raptor fans have to scurry to their local Pizza Pizza right away.

With Raptor victories being hard to come by this season, you can’t really blame the fans for enjoying the little things.

The Toronto crowd does have a reputation for awkward cheering moments, as earlier this year they erupted when Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks buried the Raptors for a last-second game-winning three-point shot.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time they crowd has done this. Below is a video of the fans cheering a loss against the San Antonio Spurs in 2011. Maybe it’s tradition for them to cheer a loss.