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Pizza Hut Taps Into 90s Nostalgia with BOOK IT! Bundle

Growing up in the 90s, I was conditioned to associate Pizza Hut with reading. Why? Well, thanks to its partnership with BOOK IT!, the reading and educational program that has impacted more than 65 million students nationwide since 1984 as the nation’s longest running, corporate supported reading program. Reading more was rewarded with Pizza Hut pizza. What a time.

Reviving that partnership, Pizza Hut is debuting the BOOK IT! Bundle. It includes 2 large, 1-topping pizzas and breadsticks. Every BOOK IT! Bundle purchased ensures a $1 donation to First Book, a non-profit organization dedicated to educational equity.

With the first 20,000 online orders of the BOOK IT! Bundle through January 18, fans will receive a redemption code that can be entered for a free special-edition, retro-inspired BOOK IT! t-shirt at

It’s a great, juicy slice of nostalgia accompanied by some Pizza Hut pizza, but act quick because the BOOK IT! Bundle is only available for a limited time.


Pizza Hut Brings Back Detroit-Style Pizza, Adds ‘Create Your Own’ Option

Photo: Pizza Hut

For a limited-time only, Detroit-Style Pizza is making a return to Pizza Hut menus nationwide.

First introduced earlier this year in January, Detroit-Style pizza was a fresh addition to Pizza Hut menus, with its distinct rectangular shape and crispy caramelized crust.

In this latest release, however, fans can now indulge in a ‘Create Your Own’ option that lets them customize their very own Detroit-Style pizza with up to five toppings. For those more interested in pre-made offerings, the Detroit-Style will come in three: Double Pepperoni, Meaty Deluxe, and Supremo.

This limited-time only window of Pizza Hut’s Detroit-Style pizza will be available at locations nationwide.

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Pizza Hut Brings Back The Big Dinner Box

The fitting return of Pizza Hut’s legendary Big Dinner Box marks a time when folks are getting back to their busy daily routines, leaving less time to cook up a good meal for dinner. With this comeback, fans can once again treat themselves to a ton of Pizza Hut favorites without having to worry about much dinner prep.

The Big Dinner Box became a fan favorite for the amount of goods that come in the package: Two medium, one-topping rectangular pan style pizzas, boneless wings and breadsticks. Any and all cravings get fed at this stop.

Make sure to grab the Big Dinner Box now, as it’s only available for a limited time at participating Pizza Hut locations via contactless delivery, carryout, curbside and Hut Lane pickup. 

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Pizza Hut Launches Its First-Ever Streetwear Collection

Photo: Pizza Hut

Fashionable pizza enthusiasts everywhere rejoice, Pizza Hut just debuted their first-ever streetwear line. Called Pizza Hut Tastsewear, the limited edition capsule collection treats fans to a versatile collection that includes the restaurant’s iconic red cups, a pizza chain that has a golden crust and bejeweled pepperonis, a full track suit, graphic tee, and pizza slides.

If you’re feeing this new merch from Pizza Hut, know that this is just the first of many exclusive drops from

The new Pizza Hut Tastewear collection is available now for a limited time only.

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Pizza Hut Adds Carryout ‘Hut Lane’ Drive-Thru Feature

Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut

With the pandemic affecting quick-service and fast-food restaurants this past year, there have been many changes in how customers pick up their food at their local spots.

Pizza Hut, which boasted the first major pizza chain to offer delivery to your car, will now add yet another convenient feature for folks not looking to leave their vehicle. This time, customers won’t even have to park their vehicles.

The Hut Lane is essentially a drive-thru option that lets customers pick up the Pizza Hut app and orders upon arrival. All they’ll have to do is pull up to the dedicated window, pick up their order, and leave.

Currently, The Hut Lane is available at 1,500 Pizza Hut locations, with more in development. For customers who order their pizzas from locations without a Hut Lane, an employee will bring your pizza out to you once you park.

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BEEF WELLINGTON and SPICY HOT POT: Pizza Hut Taiwan’s Latest Flavors Are WILD

Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut Taiwan

Pizza Hut Taiwan has a drool-worthy collection of holiday season pies they’re slinging right now, both of which are based on popular dishes not just in Taiwan, but around the world.

Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut Taiwan

One of these popular pies is the Beef Wellington Pizza, based on the celebratory British dish. Beef Wellington is extremely popular around the holiday season, when people tend to splash out on fancy cuts like filet mignon that are required for the meaty feast.

Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut Taiwan

A traditional Beef Wellington meal would consist of beef wrapped in puff pastry with mushrooms, plus sides of mashed potatoes, vegetables, and a sauce like a red wine reduction.

Pizza Hut’s version holds true to all of those components, albeit with slight twists. The beef they use is slow cooked in red wine and balsamic vinegar to emulate that reduction, and squares of puff pastry are baked into each slice. Balls of mashed potato and corn are embedded into the crust and on the pizza itself, which comes with spinach, mushrooms, and red peppers.

While it’s not an actual Beef Wellington topped like a pizza (which would be really cool), it is a hearty and tasty tribute to the British classic. Now to see what Gordon Ramsay thinks about it.

Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut Taiwan

Hot pot fans also have an interesting pizza to tuck into, as Pizza Hut Taiwan has collaborated with hot pot chain Tripod King to debut the Fire Spicy Hot Pot Pizza.

This pizza is inspired by the “Mala” style of hot pot, which features a spicy, numbing broth made with tingly Sichuan peppercorn. The pizza itself is brushed in a Sichuan pepper oil, and is made with hot pot spices. On top of the pizza is cheese and an array of meats you’d find in a hot pot, including chicken meatballs, brisket, tendon, shank, and honeycomb tripe.

Curious to see how this slice would fare if dipped into an actual pot of spicy, numbing broth. I’m actually drooling just imagining that flavor combination.

Pizza Hut Taiwan’s Beef Wellington Pizza is available for sale through January 4th, while the Spicy Hot Pot Pizza is being sold in limited quantities until stocks run out. Those of you in Taiwan, I’m incredibly jealous.

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Pizza Hut Kicks Off Holidays With Triple Treat Holiday Box Feast

Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut

This holiday, Pizza Hut is stacking together a family feast and packing them into a festive box to kick off the yuletide festivities. 

Pizza Hut’s Triple Treat Box features two medium one-topping pizzas, 10 Cinnabon Minis, and five savory breadsticks.

Consider this a light snack for a small family or a pretty sweet feast for those flying solo this year. 

You can pick up a Triple Treat Box at your local Pizza Hut for $20.99. If you want to upgrade the type of pizza you’re ordering, such as pan crust, there may be an up-charge. 

Gives us something to nibble on as we’re doing our last-minute holiday shopping online with a Christmas movie in the background.  Jingle All The Way is due for a rewatch this year. 

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Pizza Hut Tosses Stuffing And Gravy Onto New Christmas Pizza In The UK

Photo courtesy Pizza Hut UK

As far as holiday meals go, I actually look forward to Christmas Dinner more than I do Thanksgiving. It’s got many of the same staples but carries so much less weight and obligations.

Pizza Hut UK’s newest Christmas Pizza encapsulates that spirit.
The new pie features shredded rotisserie chicken, crispy bacon and sage & onion stuffing, all over a red wine gravy foundation.

Imagine eating this by the fireplace, wrapped in a pizza blanket, and watching Christmas films until you drift off to sleep.

Pure. Magic.

Customers can get their hands on the new Christmas Pizza for the holidays beginning now at all participating Pizza Hut UK delivery locations while supplies last.