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Pizza Hut Addresses Rumors That It’s Adding Vegan Cheese To Its US Locations

Pizza Hut has addressed rumors about adding vegan cheese to all of its locations nationwide in a statement given to Foodbeast.

Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut

The story began with the Vegan Herald, who first reported on an apparent e-mail exchange they had with the pizza giant. They announced that Pizza Hut had stated that they plan to have vegan cheese available in all locations across the USA this summer, with a target date set for August. Following that report, plant-based news sites across the internet ran similar stories on their own pages.

It certainly would have been a monumental move for the plant-based fast food movement. While vegan cheese is already available at chains like Blaze Pizza and Pieology, Pizza Hut would have easily become the biggest ‘za chain in the country to add their own plant-based variety. Since they already have it as a permanent option in the UK, it also is in line with what the company has been doing.

However, Pizza Hut shut down those rumors in a statement, telling Foodbeast that “while we’re proud of our dedicated vegan menu in the UK, the report is inaccurate and we have no plans at this time to carry vegan cheese at our US locations.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean Pizza Hut wouldn’t consider utilizing a vegan cheese in the US sometime soon. Considering how well plant-based foods are doing for chains like Burger King and Carl’s Jr., it also makes sense for somebody like Pizza Hut to be the next to enter that space.

Either way, it’s eyes front on Pizza Hut to see if and when they will ever bring a plant-based cheese substitute to the United States.

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Pizza Hut Officially Adds Vegan Pizzas To Their Menus In The UK

As the innovations revolving around vegan food continue to get more creative and delicious, an increasing number of restaurants are incorporating the plant-based lifestyle into their menus. Fatburger recently brought in the Impossible Burger, and McDonald’s even tested out a McVegan sandwich of their own. Now, Pizza Hut is jumping into the fray with a lineup of vegan pizzas that are launching across the entire United Kingdom.

Over the past couple of months, a few locations in the UK were testing out the vegan pies, according to Metro News. After drawing praise from PETA and facing massive demand once the news broke, the global pizza giant decided to give the country what it wanted and launched its vegan pizzas at all 262 locations nationwide. Grubstreet reports that it does come at an upcharge of one Euro, so be prepared for that extra cost.

To make their plant-based pizzas possible, Pizza Hut has been working with Violife, a Greek producer of pseudo cheeses that’s starting to make an impact in the United States as well. Here, 107 different locations across the nation either use Violife for their own pizzas or sell it in their stores.

This is definitely not the first vegan pizza option to be made available at a major fast food player, as Domino’s offers vegan cheese in Israel and several smaller chains, like Blaze Pizza, do the same. However, Pizza Hut UK’s incorporation of vegan pizzas is definitely a telling sign of the growing acceptance of plant-based fare as it becomes even more mainstream.