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BEEF WELLINGTON and SPICY HOT POT: Pizza Hut Taiwan’s Latest Flavors Are WILD

Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut Taiwan

Pizza Hut Taiwan has a drool-worthy collection of holiday season pies they’re slinging right now, both of which are based on popular dishes not just in Taiwan, but around the world.

Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut Taiwan

One of these popular pies is the Beef Wellington Pizza, based on the celebratory British dish. Beef Wellington is extremely popular around the holiday season, when people tend to splash out on fancy cuts like filet mignon that are required for the meaty feast.

Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut Taiwan

A traditional Beef Wellington meal would consist of beef wrapped in puff pastry with mushrooms, plus sides of mashed potatoes, vegetables, and a sauce like a red wine reduction.

Pizza Hut’s version holds true to all of those components, albeit with slight twists. The beef they use is slow cooked in red wine and balsamic vinegar to emulate that reduction, and squares of puff pastry are baked into each slice. Balls of mashed potato and corn are embedded into the crust and on the pizza itself, which comes with spinach, mushrooms, and red peppers.

While it’s not an actual Beef Wellington topped like a pizza (which would be really cool), it is a hearty and tasty tribute to the British classic. Now to see what Gordon Ramsay thinks about it.

Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut Taiwan

Hot pot fans also have an interesting pizza to tuck into, as Pizza Hut Taiwan has collaborated with hot pot chain Tripod King to debut the Fire Spicy Hot Pot Pizza.

This pizza is inspired by the “Mala” style of hot pot, which features a spicy, numbing broth made with tingly Sichuan peppercorn. The pizza itself is brushed in a Sichuan pepper oil, and is made with hot pot spices. On top of the pizza is cheese and an array of meats you’d find in a hot pot, including chicken meatballs, brisket, tendon, shank, and honeycomb tripe.

Curious to see how this slice would fare if dipped into an actual pot of spicy, numbing broth. I’m actually drooling just imagining that flavor combination.

Pizza Hut Taiwan’s Beef Wellington Pizza is available for sale through January 4th, while the Spicy Hot Pot Pizza is being sold in limited quantities until stocks run out. Those of you in Taiwan, I’m incredibly jealous.


Pizza Hut Launches Pineapple Bun Stuffed Crust Pizza in Taiwan


Pizza Hut has been stuffing crusts full of all kinds of things lately. From chili dog stuffed crust to Marmite, the pizza chain has been debuting new stuffed crust products at their international locations left and right. The newest kid on the stuffed crust block is the Pineapple Bun Stuffed Crust Pizza, which is now available in Taiwan.

A popular snack in Asia, pineapple buns aren’t even filled with its fruity counterpart. The sweet buns get their name from their golden crispy outer shell that resembles the tropical fruit. *Cue “The More You Know” comet and music*

The new Pineapple Bun Stuffed Crust Pizza has a crispy, flaky, sweet crust similar to a pineapple bun and is stuffed with the usual melty cheese that put Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza on the map. We’re not too sure how the crust will mesh with customer topping choices but we’d totally nom on it.

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