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Pizza Hut is Wrapping Kit Kats in Pizza Dough, Calling Them ‘Kit Kat Pops’

They’re called Kit Kat Pops, a product of Pizza Hut in the Middle East, and it involves wrapping Kit Kat bars into sweet pizza dough.

This Pizza Hut menu addition (apparently available since June of this year) for the Middle East region reemphasizes one thing, that Middle Eastern Pizza Hut R&D department is on some serious ‘who the f-ck cares, let’s just try it’ mantra as of late. Just a few days ago we were introduced to their Cone Crust Pizza,  a few months back they were lining their crust with cheeseburgers, and the way things are heading, we might catch wind that their next innovation involves deep frying individual slices and turning them into tacos.

HuffPo notes that these little Kit Kat Pop gems also come in a cheese variety, which can definitely be chalked up as way-less-cool than being stuffed with a Kit Kat. Regardless, we’re salivating at the thought of Pizza Hut’s next over-the-top move in the Middle East.

Until then, here are Kit Kats wrapped in pizza dough:


Pizza Hut Adding Cheeseburgers to Their Crust, Must be a Middle Eastern Thing

It’s called the Cheeseburger Crown Crust pizza, a novel new menu item from Pizza Hut in the Middle East that features a customized crust filled with either mini cheeseburgers or mini chicken fillets.

The region-specific menu item comes on the wake of the Pizza Hut UK adding an equally quirky Hot Dog Stuffed Crust just a few weeks ago. The new commercial for the Crown Crust Pizza opens on a group of Pizza Hut patrons jokingly asking the waiter for a “cheeseburger,” only to be slapped back in the face with the availability of the new cheeseburger/pizza hybrid.

The Crown Crust Pizza is described as having individually pocketed grilled burgers, cheese, topped with more beef, fresh veggies and “special sauce.” Also available is a chicken fillet version, but the question stands, would you try a slice?