This Guy’s Hotel Room Hack For Refrigerating Leftover Pizza Is Hilarious

Jblair814 just solved an all too common problem: hotel rooms with no mini fridge for your leftover pizza. Or maybe it’s a problem you just didn’t know you had until now. Either way, problem solved.

“J” posted this hotel-room-hack to Reddit for a refrigeration substitute, and it’s hilarious. He walks us through the steps on a modification that’ll keep your leftover pizza from going bad (hopefully) when you’re stuck in a hotel room with leftover food and no refrigerator. Everything you need for this essential hack is readily available at any hole in the wall motel room: an ironing board, a towel, and a working AC unit.

The hack requires very little effort, and all you need to do is cut a hole in the back of the box big enough for some air to flow freely into the box. He notes that to avoid any contaminants from entering the hole in the box, you can use a towel that would act as a ‘filter’ to cover said hole. Every base is covered in his detailed photo demonstration to ensure that the pizza remains cool, even to the point that he adds a vent for optimal cooling.

We cannot confirm that the pizza was kept at a cool enough temperature all night to be safe to eat the next morning because the optimal temperature for refrigerated foods is between 35-38 degrees fahrenheit and bacteria begins to grow at 40, but we still give J points for trying.

Dust mites and whatever else got into the box from the A/C unit aside, he was able to save the pizza! (and the ranch dressing)


1of8“Ahh the old dilemma. Only a few slices left after my shameful late-night hotel layover bingefest. Do I eat them and feel like a worse human? Nay. I save them and have an even more shameful breakfast. Enter the problem: how to keep them cool without a mini-fridge? Solution to follow…”

2of8“Hard surface and a cooling device…”

3of8 “Adjust to optimized height for cooling duct”

4of8“Cut a hole in the back for maximum input and a small vent for vaccuum pressure to draw the cooling”

5of8 “F@#$ I want to eat them so bad…but nope…nope…be strong”

6of8“Fits like a glove!”

7of8“A make-shift filter to prevent the lint and pube-infested air from contaminating my high quality gourmet dish.”

8of8“BOOM. Doneskie. Cool all night and ready to heat for breakkie.”



Photo Credit: Jblair814


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