Turkey and Stuffing Doughnuts Are a Thing in Britain


Did you know that our neighbors across the pond don’t celebrate our favorite gluttony-filled holiday, aka Thanksgiving? True story. Though the Brits sadly miss out on two weeks worth of leftovers from the big day, they do get to partake in the main event in the form of a doughnut.

Tesco, a popular grocery chain in Britain, carries the Weirdoughs brand of miniature doughnuts which come in a variety of out-there flavors, including but not limited to: Smoky Bacon, Salt and Vinegar, and Cheese and Onion. In honor of the holiday season, the chain has released their latest flavor, Turkey and Stuffing. Now, to be fair, nowhere on their packaging do they say these are your usual sweet doughnuts. Their tagline straight up says, “What do you get when you cross a crisp with a doughnut?” Basically these are like doughy, soft versions of chips, which now that we think about it could be a little weird, but we’re eating Pizza Doughnuts over here, so who are we to judge.

Before you get too grossed out, there’s not actual turkey stuffed inside the doughnut, but the savory baked good is definitely flavored with all the fixin’s of your typical bird. The doughnuts scored a perfect score with the British blog A Review a Day:

The first thing I noticed when biting into these is how much the consistency really helps contribute to the flavour. It’s a lot like eating the real thing, but in dough form. It’s soft, slightly chewy, and it certainly has a very bold stuffing flavour, with a lovely meaty hint behind it.

It looks like the Weirdoughs are only available in the UK for now, but as with everything you can find on the wonderful world of the Internet, we’re betting these things exist on Amazon or Ebay.

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You Won’t Believe What We Found Hiding In This Donut Shop…SPOILER ALERT IT’S A PEEEZUH


Elie spotting something savory amidst the sweet donuts || Photo: Peter Pham

A pizza donut may sound like an oxymoron, but I assure you, friend, the fusion feels all too right.

The new Orange County-based concept bakery is called Dough Exchange, a brainchild of MTV and Food Network chef Jason Quinn (our now-friend who famously started the trend of bucking back at entitled Yelp Eliters).

Opening next week (we hear Tuesday, but stick to their Instagram for the scoop), the shop will feature a range of quality baked goods that range from their logo-stamped bread loaves, custom croissants, and a slew of delicious donut concepts.

Of the most interesting things we spotted during a sneak peak of the Santa Ana, CA storefront was something they’re calling a pizza donut:



We also tore into a few other options they had available when we barged in during their test bake session. Everything was next level:


Fruity Pebble Donut!


Peter Pham‘s crazy idea to stack donuts

Dough Exchange opens up next week at the following address:

220 E. Fourth Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701

All photos by Peter Pham