One Man Dared to Cover an Entire Pizza with Cookie Dough. This is What Happened


Sometimes, life presents challenges. Sometimes, those challenges come in the form of four cheese DiGiorno pizza and a stick of cookie dough. When these moments of truth happen, there will be those that rise to the occasion. Cue in: 26-year-old Michael J. Hudson.


The Detroit native saw an opportunity when others saw a mediocre Netflix-worthy dinner.


Envisioning greatness, Hudson put two and two together.


Yes, that’s a layer of baked cookie dough lovingly embracing a cheese pizza with tomato sauce.


Savory. Sweet. Hold Me.


Some say he ruined a perfectly good pizza and that he was probably stoned off his mind. There’s a 98.9 percent chance that’s true, but still, you’ve gotta give the guy kudos for dreaming big.

Fast Food

Pizza Hut Now Making ‘Pizzas’ Out Of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


It seems fast food is starting to forget what pizza is. Back in April, Domino’s unleashed a new line of “Specialty Chickens,” which were essentially pizza toppings drizzled over chicken nuggets instead of dough. Now, Pizza Hut is partnering with Hershey’s to debut a new giant chocolate chip cookie. Which, while probably spec-freaking-tacular, is still not a pizza.

Officially named the Ultimate Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie, the 8-inch pan will feature eight shareable slices of chocolate dotted cookie dough. Available for $5.99 on its own or $4.99 with real pizza purchase, the giant pizookie will also debut this Wednesday as part of Pizza Hut’s nationwide “bake sale,” with 10% of proceeds going to the United Nations World Food Programme.

Mildly related: Domino’s recently (and, rather serendipitously) called a “cookie pizza” one of its necessary failures in and advertisement on the road to crafting its Specialty Chickens. Which is pretty much the same as calling a first born child a “rough draft.” Pizza. Shots. Fired.

H/T + PicThx Chicago Tribune


BJ’s Giving Away Free Pizookies Tomorrow


Before Frankenfoods became so infuriatingly mainstream, there was the Pizookie: a decadently oversized, fresh-baked, skillet-born cookie “pizza” crowned with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. It was simple. It was brilliant. And crazily enough, now BJs wants to give you one for free.

(A Pizookie that is, not a bj.)

Here’s the deets:

Who: BJ’s
What: Is doing the Lord’s work giving away free original Chocolate Chip Pizookies to anyone who uses their new “Dine-In Order Ahead” smartphone app. No purchase necessary.
Where: All participating locations
When: Tomorrow, June 17 aka “Free Pizookie Day,” because BJ’s said so