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[NSFW] Delivery Guys Flip When Woman Orders Pizza Completely Naked

Guys will probably always fall for the “woman who answers the door naked prank,” mostly because there isn’t enough blood flowing to their brains to realize it’s a prank.

YouTube Channel NELK put in a few orders of pizza and recruited Instagram model Ashley Beaudan to answer the door while wearing nothing but a smile.

When the delivery guys rolled up, they were met with this young lady completely in the buff:

A post shared by Ashley (@ashbeauds) on


A post shared by Ashley (@ashbeauds) on

The first delivery guy showed up and seemed to keep his cool, trying his best to look away. It’s almost like he was immune to the strange circumstance. Just goes to show that delivery drivers have been through everything and are no longer shocked.

The second driver actually engaged and took her bait when she asked if he could take a photo of her for Instagram. She stood by the door, holding the pizza, completely naked, and the delivery guy tried his best to get a good angle of her.

While it was funny watching the dudes try to keep their cool, it makes you wonder what you’d do in an awkward situation like that.

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There’s A Shocking Surge In Search Results For ‘Pizza Porn’


Web sites like PornHub give viewers a chance to search through millions of videos, satisfying any strange fetish they have, even those involving pizza.

While the old school pizza delivery boy porn might sound played out, the search term is still going strong, as pizza is searched for more than 500,000 times a month, according to PornHub.

Believe it or not, sitting atop these pizza-related searches is “pizza delivery,” followed by “big sausage pizza,” which I have no interest in finding out what the videos consist of.


The porn site also said that since 2013, pizza searches have increased by 9 percent, and as of September 2016, the popularity has been at its highest ever.


As far as who is searching for pizza porn, it’s men between the age of 18-24 getting down with the cheesy goodness.

The biggest takeaway from these stats is that “pizza that ass” is the least popular of pizza searches, which is a bummer, simply because it’s a pretty sweet pun and should get some love.