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DTLA Restaurant Is Serving Up The Most Stylish Pizza Boxes Out There



Style and substance. It’s the highly coveted pairing that eludes the masses. Endless swipes on dating apps have proved fruitless. Conscientious visits to our favorite online shops turn up scant results. And the drool-inducing food pics we scroll through on our timeline often don’t live up to the hype in terms of overall quality and taste. But once found, style and substance in tandem make for a memorable anything.

Recognizing this conundrum, V DTLA is a new restaurant in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles’ Jewelry District (fitting, really) that somehow cracks the code and infiltrates the matrix of what looks, tastes, and feels good.


A prime example of V DTLA living up to style and substance is their lineup of pizzas. Here they’re serving up Genovese-style pizzas that are cooked in a custom-built Italian oven in less time than your average Billboard chart-topper. The results are signature offerings that include delectable toppings like, roasted golden beets, fresh basil, rich mozzarella, unctuous balsamic glaze, and savory pepperoni. But wait until they’re served to you in what may very well be the most stylish and chic pizza boxes ever created.

Picture the scene of a piping hot, fresh out the oven pizza served up in a box that’s equal parts elegant Fashion Week invitation and modern, black & gold Vogue cover centerfold. Slide out that warm pie and take in the swank and dapper surroundings that creates a sophisticated vibe within an approachable setting. Neiman Marcus could never.



V DTLA, 515 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014
Hit-Or-Miss Now Trending Technology

Apple Lowkey Invented A Pizza Box That Makes Soggy Crust Obsolete

Apple patented a nifty little box box that is capable of keeping to-go pizzas from getting soggy, according to Wired.

The tech company is constantly innovating, but we don’t usually see them making big changes in the food realm. The box was invented by Francesco Longoni, head of the Food Services team in Apple’s new Silicon Valley campus.

The box doesn’t look like a traditional one you’d see at your local pizza shop, as it’s circular, with ventilation holes that allow moisture to escape and not screw up your pizza.

It is casually used by employees who want to take their pizzas from the Apple Park Cafe to go, and has been patented since 2012.  That means Apple has been hiding this hidden gem in its campus for six years, while the rest of us are over here hoping our pie is still edible by the time the greasy delivery guy brings it to us.

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Sound too simple? Well, keep in mind that children and grandparents can navigate iPhones, so Apple has a knack for innovating through simplicity.

I’m usually in the camp that believes all pizza is beautiful, regardless of its crust’s consistency, but preserving its freshness is always welcome. Hopefully pizza companies get their hands on these, soon.

Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss

Pizza Hut Just Created Pizza Boxes That Double As Legit Turntables

A few months ago, when KFC India introduced a meal box with a phone charger, called “Watt A Box“, we were pretty impressed.

However, now Yum! Brands has taken portable fast-food technology to another level with Pizza Hut UK’s #PizzaDJDecks. After years of pretending to play pizza boxes like turntables — the dream is finally a reality — and it comes with a crossfader!

The #PizzaDJDecks connect via bluetooth to a smart phone or computer, and allows the user to sync to their favorite mixing software.

Seriously though, Pizza Hut UK’s decks are legit. By partnering with UK-based Novalia, a printable electronics and graphic design firm specializing in adding, “connectivity and data to printable surfaces,” according to its website. #PizzaDJDecks are made with an interactive technology that places the creativity at the hands of the user. The pizza box unfolds to reveal two turntable templates, complete with pitch knobs, play and cue.

In fact, Novalia worked with McDonald’s earlier this year to develop the McTrax — a touchable drum machine and synthesizer — designed into a placemat — which connects to a user’s smartphone via bluetooth to create rhythms and effects instantaneously.

McDonald’s UK dropped McTrax in May, which seems like a welcome addition to the touchable technology studio Novalia is experimenting with.

It’s unknown how long Pizza Hut UK will be distributing the #PizzaDJBox, or if distribution will reach anywhere but the United Kingdom, but if you can, grab one before the beat stops.


This Adorable Pizza Geek Finds the World’s Smartest Pizza Box


Many of us have our favorite pizza takeout joints — the one we can rely on to deliver fresh pies without being a limp mess. However, what about the cardboard vessel that keeps it safe in transit? It turns out there’s an art to the pizza box too, and aficionado Scott Wiener set out to find the best of the best.

What constitutes a top-notch container? Good ventilation is key. If too much steam from a hot pizza gets trapped inside the box, chances are your pizza will arrive soggy and lifeless. No good. In a quest to find the one that reigns supreme, Wiener has inspected and tested over 650 pizza boxes from 45 countries (all of which he keeps in his Brooklyn apartment), and he’s made a surprising discovery.

According to Wiener, the world’s most efficient pizza box doesn’t reign from well-known pizza destinations like New York or Chicago — it actually comes from India. Although the country isn’t necessarily a pizza destination, the VENTiT box is simply done right.

VENTiT uses misaligned cardboard cuts to more efficiently ventilate steam, while many standard boxes have standard, aligned cardboard slits. Wiener explains, “You’re taking the exact same box but reorganizing how it’s put together so it creates better movement for steam.”

As of right now, VENTiT is only available in Dubai and India, but check out some pizza box front-runners in Wiener’s video below:

H/T Wired + Pixthx Scott’s Pizza Journal


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