Ensure Optimal Topping to Crust Ratio With Perfect Pizza Formula

Pizza Formula

It took a mathematician to solve our first world pizza problems.

Dr. Eugenia Cheng of the University of Sheffield claims to have created a formula to ensure a perfectly proportioned pizza. Accounting for toppings per bite, size of the pizza, and thickness of the base, the equation helps to achieve “maximum flavor of topping to base”.

According to Dr. Cheng’s research, the balance of flavors between the dough and toppings has a direct impact on how much someone will enjoy a particular bite of pizza. The formula shows that ratio of topping to base in an average bite fluctuates with size of the pizza, for example, a smaller pizza will have more toppings per bite vs. a larger pizza where the toppings might be more spread out. She calculated that a bite from an 11 inch pizza will yield 10 percent more toppings per bite than a 14 inch pizza.

Using her formula where “d” the constant volume of dough and “t” is the constant volume of topping, the equation solves for the correct ratio of base to topping for the perfect bite. Dr. Cheng says “a larger pizza must have a thinner crust to compensate for more spread out toppings, while a smaller pizza needs a thicker base”.

Essentially what this boils down to is if you prefer a mouthful of toppings, go for the smaller 11 inch pizza but if you’re more into quantity of toppings the 14 inch and above pizza sizes are where it’s at.

H/T + PicThx Daily Mail


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