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New Jalapeno Stuffed-Crust Pizza in Middle Eastern Pizza Huts

jalapeno stuffed pizza

Pizza Hut’s menu items outside of the United States are way more ballsy than anything that’s offered here at home.

Exhibit A: The Middle East just came out with a jalapeno-stuffed pizza for its Pizza Hut stores.

They’re calling it their spiciest pizza ever, and with red or green sliced jalapenos within the cheesy crust, chili sauce instead of pizza sauce, spicy nacho seasoning and another serving of jalapenos on top of the pizza, that spicy claim is hard to argue.

Hey, Pizza Hut. Why does South Korea get a Surf ‘N Turf pizza? Oh, and New Zealand gets a Chili Dog Stuffed-Crust pizza? That’s cool.

We can have nice things too, Pizza Hut.

H/T Brand Eating