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Disney California Adventure Has Boozy Version of Popular Pixar Pier Frosty Parfait

Recently spotted by @code_word_disney was an alcoholic version of the famous Pixar Pier Frosty Parfait. This just hit the Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats in Disney California Adventure, along with another new boozy treat, It’s Chile-Lime Mango Margarita.

Menu descriptions at Snowman Frosted Treats are as follows for the new boozy options:

Pixar Pier Frosty Parfait with Blue Curaçao: Nondairy Lemon S0ft-serve with Blue Raspberry swirl and a splash of Blue Curaçao

It’s Chile-Lime Mango Margarita!: Nondairy Mango Soft-serve with Tequila, Chamoy, Chile-Lime Seasoning, and Diced Mango.

These alcoholic frozen treats are sure to keep the adults happy and refreshed all summer long, for sure making the double trouble of lines and heat a lot more bearable.

Film/Television Recipes

The Creator Of Pixar’s “Bao” Just Shared Her Mom’s Bao Recipe With The World

Every time I’ve gone to watch The Incredibles 2 this summer, the Pixar short right before it, Bao, has left me in tears. My mom is from Hong Kong, and is the same kind of loving “helicopter parent” that is portrayed in the film.

The short is one that resonates amongst tons of Asian American families, as it was heartwarming and tear-jerking to see director Domee Shi bring that experience to the big screen.

Shi is giving us all another chance to relive that childhood nostalgia, as she just shared her mom’s recipe for the same meat-filled dumplings that were prominent in the film.

The full ingredients and step-by-step cooking instructions were posted on Disney Pixar’s Facebook page, with Shi providing illustrations to supplement her mom’s recipe. Some of the measurements may not be exact, but you’ll still get a whole pile of delicious dumplings to enjoy.

Shi’s recipe may require a few tries to get the whole process right, as the “windmill technique” used to make the roll of dough, and pinching the ends of the bao together, takes a bit of practice.

Creating the perfect bun is just as rewarding as it is delicious, though, and can serve as a reminder of home for those that spent time cooking with their parents.

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5 Of The Best Company Cafeterias You’ll Ever Eat At

The days of the cubicle farm with its slopfest of a corporate cafeteria are gone! Instead, thanks to younger employees, the work-life balance has taking over U.S offices—talkin’ ping pong tables, nap rooms, Beer Fridays. Hell, come 2025, 75% of the workforce will be millennials and they want free food and flexibility. Taking notice, companies are turning their cafeterias into touted destinations, not just grab-and-snack stopovers. Here are five workplace eateries that will make your mouth water and your brain melt.

1. Google

fantastic lunch in google NY. free lunch but awesome. #google #lunch #googlecafeteria

A photo posted by @ryan_sungho on

Mountain View, California; New York, New York

Glossing over the fact that the Mountain View Googleplex straight up has an Indian restaurant called Cafe Baadal, complete with a legit full-service wait staff, Google offices are known for cafeterias and their insane dedication to rad. I mean, according to Payscale, the New York Google office cafeteria serves up braised Mangalore salmon in coconut milk, hanger steak with sauce bordelaise, and beet-marinated tofu with chile-scallion glaze.

2. Apple


Photo Credit: Nick Nguyen

Cupertino California 

At Caffè Macs, the well-known and beautifully designed cafe(teria) of Apple’s Cupertino headquarters, it seems to be like that scene from Hook, where you get whatever you imagine. Employees can score breakfast scrambles, quinoa hash, bison cheeseburgers, ramen burgers, tri-tip, or oysters. The menu’s a wild melting pot of tasty ideas. The food’s also relatively cheap, though the apples are free — not kidding.

3. Facebook

Employees go bananas for Halloween at HQ. (Photo: @badmikeyt)

A photo posted by Facebook (@facebook) on

Menlo Park, California; New York, New York

Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters are like a millennial-run Main Street. “Cafeteria” is a super loose term here, given that there are 11 joints handing out grub that’s either free or insanely discounted for employees and guests. Despite a renowned if-you-can-dream-it-you-can-add-it salad bar, it’s largely not light fare—try burgers, nachos, and Asian cuisine—though the big madhouse pride is BBQ. There’s a gigantic outdoor grill and smoker, which has cooked up bacon-wrapped meatloaf, 300 pounds of brisket, and a whole pig. Facebook’s New York office also has a widely celebrated cafeteria where, according to The Huffington Post, the cook will sometimes create an employee-specific dish, like a Philippine pork belly-and-rice dish for a Filipino engineer in mind.

4. Pixar

We’re turning lunch Inside Out #InsidePixar. Here’s a slice of life from Cafe Luxo.

A photo posted by Pixar Animation Studios (@pixar) on

Emeryville, California

Café Luxo, the warm and welcoming cafe of Pixar’s Emeryville headquarters, is run by a celebrated executive chef. You can tell, according to Bon Appétit, given a history of dishes ranging from seared ahi and bok choy to sugar-balsamic pancakes topped with poppy seed crème fraîche. It’s a big open space ripe for collaborative chats over food; fuel the creatives! Plus, there’s always the cereal bar room that everyone on the Pixar campus loves.

5. Hearst

New York, New York

If you’re going to write for the big shots, you have to eat like one, apparently. The entire “first-class dining experience” of Hearst’s cafe57 is so epic and elegant, it sounds made up, from the in-house sushi chefs to the company’s own cattle ranch that supplies the grass-fed beef. Serving 1,200 people a day should make the menu easy and predictable, but it changes week to week, offering delectable dishes like Organic Tofu Asian Chopped Salad and Grilled Sweet Chili Chicken Sandwich with Pineapple Kimchi and Lime Mayo. They also feature guest chefs regularly.


How To Make ‘Ratatouille’ EXACTLY Like The Pixar Movie


When we first saw the Pixar film Ratatouille, we couldn’t believe how badly we wanted to try that titular dish. Unfortunately, most ratatouille dishes aren’t prepared the way the movie was.

Most ratatouille dishes are stewed or sautéed vegetables. Delicious, sure, though not as eye-catching as the film portrayed it.

Grant Crilly of ChefSteps shows us exactly how the vegetarian dish can be prepared at home exactly how you see it in the movie.

The style used in the film is called confit byaldi. There, the vegetables are sliced with a mandolin until they’re in neat thin layers.

Check out the recipe, in detail, in the delicious video. Man, we need to rewatch this movie again. Can’t believe it’s almost 10 years old.


Disneyland Paris Getting ‘Ratatouille’-Themed Restaurant


That 2007 Disney-Pixar film about an incredible cooking rat named Rémy, Ratatouille had us feeling like foodies before we even knew what foodies were — kind of.

Now, famed French chef Paul Bocuse has been commissioned by Disney Paris to create a brand new ride and restaurant inspired by chef Rémy himself. Dubbed “Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy,” the ride will take place inside the film’s primary locale of “Chez Gusteau.” According to promotional images, guests will experience the restaurant from Rémy’s point of view, being chased around by antagonist chef Skinner from the comfort of an oversized rat car.

Pursuitist reports actual ratatouille will be served up at the “Le Bistrot de Rémy” restaurant next door, with both attractions scheduled to open by fall 2014.

H/T Grubstreet + Picthx DLRP


Pic of the Day: Wall-E EVE Eggs

One of my favorite movies and characters of 2008, EVE from Disney/Pixar’s Wall-E, on an egg. Awesome! (Thx AllThingsPixar)