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Silicon Valley’s ‘SeeFood’ App Is Now Real Thanks To Pinterest

Photo: Marco Verch (Wikimedia Commons)

A recent episode of HBO’s comedy Silicon Valley featured the ideation of an app called SeeFood. The app was pitched as a “Shazam for food” concept that allowed you to see recipes and dietary information when you pointed your smartphone camera at a dish. On the actual TV show, they were only able to create tech that told you whether an object was a hot dog or not.

Pinterest, however, has created a real-life version of SeeFood within their own app. While The Verge confirmed that Pinterest’s release of this feature around the same time as the Silicon Valley episode was merely “coincidental,” the real tech behaves extremely similar to what was conceived on the show.

Pinterest’s new feature is an upgrade to the app’s visual search tool, Pinterest Lens, that is being marketed as “real-time dish recognition” that highlights specific key words relating to what the dish your smartphone camera is focused on is, and can even look up recipe recommendations from within its own app.

What’s really great about it is that you can train your smartphone’s camera onto any dish or food and quickly get multiple new recipe ideas to try out. Sounds like a pretty cool concept to me.

Hit-Or-Miss Restaurants

These Are The Best Restaurant Chain Social Media Accounts That You Should Be Following

Let’s face it, we’re an ADD society with control issues. Nowadays it takes more than a jingle to keep our interest. We require visual stimulation, and things that’ll do more than have us ‘Like’ them. These creative brands know how to make fun of themselves, collaborate, and put on a persona beyond “happy meal” status. If you’re not following them by now, then you’re missing out.


1. Del Taco on Vine

Props to the only fast food joint utilizing Vine. It’s quick, animated, and about the food. They know society has a short attention span, and capitalize on that. The Del Scorcho crew plays to a younger set, and it fits into our busy lives when we’re preoccupied with other accounts to obsess over.


2. KFC on Twitter

Embracing pop culture, KFC tweets to dudes like Austin Mahone. The Colonel himself even “drives” cross-country, en route to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, stopping at scenic destinations in need of drumsticks. They’re even open-minded enough to celebrate Hanukkah — menorah and all.


3. Burger King on Tumblr


Photo: Burger King

The King pleasantly surprised us with their Tumbling wit. Slightly obsessed over chicken fries, it’s an entertaining mix of animated GIFs, straightforward photography, and funny dialogue. Don’t knock it ‘til you check them out.


4. Starbucks on Twitter

Damn, hipster Starbucks knows what’s up. Experts at changing up their Twitter feed, they make it pretty, but not too pretty. You kill us softly, Starbucks. Now go make our Venti Frap.


5. Sonic Drive-In on Instagram

Our #SquareShakes squad on point at #coachellavalley 👌

A photo posted by SONIC Drive-In (@sonicdrivein) on

Taking the idea of playing with your food quite literally, Sonic’s food styling is right up there with adult coloring books. It probably helps to have rainbow hues of slushies and tasty candy bits at your disposal.


6. Denny’s on Twitter

Denny’s is firing on all social media cylinders, but their Twitter feed took the syrupy pancake. It’s genius! Random thoughts. Current ideas. Funny, but doesn’t cross over into NSFW territory. The unexpected originality and consistency makes for a real Grand Slam.


7. Shake Shack on Pinterest


Surprised? With 20 stocked boards referencing style, places, and pets they love, you almost forget it’s a brand page and not an East Coast millennial you want to be internet friends with. The Shack’s Pinterest account is an eclectic meeting of the minds where there’s something for everyone, with photos ranging from silly to extremely stylized. Then again, some might consider Shake Shack’s Pinterest to be sensory overload. The fact that they serve beer helps.


8. Applebee’s on Instagram

How to do all of the work and none of the work at the same time: get your followers to be #Fantographers. Applebee’s Instagram account is almost completely driven by their fan base. Diners submit their snaps, and the powers that be decide which ones are featured. It results in bragging rights for customers, and an updated social media account for one evil genius, fast casual restaurant.


Expectations vs. Reality: Minion Cake


PicThx BuzzFeed


Spaghetti Stuffed Garlic Bread: Expectations vs. Reality

IMG_5481 spaghetti-garlic-bread-pinterest-craftfail-400x300

via CraftFail


This Is An Egg Fried Inside a Baguette and Topped With Bacon — You’re Welcome


There are those of us who enjoy dipping our toast into a gooey mess of egg yolk in the morning, and then there are those of us who are doing it wrong (scrambled, pah!) If, however, you’re raring to take your expert fast-breaking skills to the next level, consider following miss Eugenie Kitchen’s example, with this bacon-topped egg fried inside of a baguette.


She starts with a partially hollowed-out baguette slice and olive oil, adds the egg, adds some salt and pepper and bacon bits and then dresses everything up in super-Pinteresty camera angles and depths of field. The result is nothing short of egg-gasmic beauty, the likes of which the net probably hasn’t seen since that damn avocado egg.


Speaking of, we’ll probably fix ourselves a version infused with guacamole for breakfast tomorrow. We expect you’ll do the same. Atta-readers!

H/T Neatorama  + PicThx Eugenie Kitchen


Mason Jar Shot Glasses For All the Baby Hipsters in Your Life


My Pinterest senses are tingling.

Mini-dessert holders. Mini-lamps. Mini-mini-jam jars! Sure, you could use these Mason Jar Shot Glasses the way they were meant to be used (as a social lubricant vehicle for pseudo-intellectual baby hillbillies everywhere), but that would be a sorry waste of their potential. Especially since each jar holds about twice as much as your average shot glass. Just imagine all the adorable crafts you can now cram into an even more unreasonable space! You’ll never have to worry about putting plants into plant-size containers again.

Alternatively, we could just agree to move past our collective vintage/twee boner and use regular shot glasses (and vases and lamps and jars), but then we’d just have to find some other anachronistic decor to fawn over, wouldn’t we? At least these are still kinda cute.

Mason Jar Shot Glasses: 4 for $17 @ Amazon

H/T + PicThx Incredible Things


Here Are Some Very Good Reasons to Want a Hidden Spiderman at the Bottom of Your Wedding Cake


Sticking a toy Spidey underneath pounds of handmade flower fondant and strawberry rose-water butter cream might not seem like a good idea as you’re scrolling through your 15th DIY Wedding Inspiration Pinterest board and watching re-runs of Say Yes to the Dress — but hear me out.

After all, there’s something strangely whimsical about a Hidden Spiderman Wedding Cake. Something that says, “I’m more than just a pretty dress and adorable hand-decorated mason jars, goddammit. I’m also a huge nerd. I’m a DIY-ing NERD!”

See for yourself:




Just remember, with great power comes yadda yadda yadda, f-ck the police, and while everyone’s off getting married, Spidey will just be sitting here masturbating.

H/T + Picthx Neatorama