Anti-Theft Pint Glass Explodes Ink If You Try to Steal It


Apparently, stealing pint glasses from pubs is becoming a worldwide dilemma. At least, a serious enough issue that cider-maker Kopparberg rolled out a new set of pint glasses bearing “custom-made security tags.” In order to prevent customers from walking out with their precious glassware, Kopparberg installed tags (similar to the ones attached to clothes at retail stores) that explode with ink if carried more than 100 meters away from the bar.

Although the company insists that this anti-theft gadget is not meant to “punish people,” we see it going terribly wrong anyway. What happens when you’ve had a few drinks and the girl you’ve been eyeing all night suddenly runs out of the pub with her gaggle of girls? Without thinking, you grab your pint of beer (of course), and chase after. Unfortunately, your forgot about that pesky “security tag” and just as you’re about to catch up with her, it explodes, splattering you in ink from head to toe. Hardly the ideal first impresson.

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Super Pick-Up Lines Pint Glass

Ladies, you’ve probably heard every line in the book. But those were the same old cliches being told by jerks NOT holding a Superman pint glass. Before you start heading for the door, check out some of these classy gems:

“My x-ray vision tells me you’ve been working out.”


“Wanna see why they call me the man of steel?”

This glass has charming lines like those printed on the surface so that, even in a state of complete inebriation, you’ll be able to dole out some serious game, Superman style. You’re welcome.

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DC Pint Glasses

Wow, this feels a bit like deja vu doesn’t it? No, of course not! Those were Marvel-themed pint glasses. That was a completely different story.

If Marvel heroes don’t quite float your pint-glass boat, fear not because Think Geek’s got you covered with new DC pint glasses. Likenesses of Batman, Wonder Woman or the entire Justice League can be found on each one of these glasses and make for a perfect gift for anyone who loves comic books and beer. You can pick them up for the eerily familiar price of $10.

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Marvel Pint Glasses

If all my beverages were served in Marvel-themed glasses, I’d be one happy camper! I apparently still relate to a 12 year-old boy.

In all seriousness though, if you have any love for the Marvel Universe, or just a love for fine beer glasses, then go ahead and grab these Avenger pint glasses. Choose from Captain America, Iron Man or the whole Avengers crew to gear up for the upcoming Avengers movie arriving in 2012. $10

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Alcohol By Volume Glass

An OCD person’s wet dream come true — the Alcohol By Volume Glass. The glass is printed with measurements for various alcohol drinks so you can accurately measure servings of your desired beer, wine or spirit. It also shows the average percentage of alcohol by volume for each type of beverage. Whether you want to mix drinks with higher precision, or just keep an eye on the amount of alcohol you’re putting down, this pint glass has you covered. ($7.99 @ ThinkGeek)

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But this isn’t your ordinary pint glass! It’s printed with measurements for various alcoholic drinks so you can accurately measure servings of beer, wine, or spirits. It shows the average percentage of alcohol by volume for each type of beverage, too. Use it to mix drinks or just to keep tabs on the amount of ethanol in your body. Remember to drink responsibly – we like having you chuckleheads around.