This Ping Pong Coffee Table is Way More Fun Than Crossword Puzzles

Ping Pong Coffee Table

Let’s talk coffee tables. Bored? Me too. Now let’s talk about this ping pong coffee table-meets-chalkboard by Huzi Design. Genius!

The design company is reinventing the way we look at standard living room furniture. Alone, this piece functions as a standard coffee table. But if you’re feeling a bit artsy, feel free to go to town on the chalkboard surface. And when you get tired of that, simply place a divider on top, and it transforms into a mini ping pong table.

Ping Pong Coffee Table

Unfortunately this bad boy will set you back a cool $500, but can you really put a price on living room fun?

Ping Pong Coffee Table, $500 @Huzi Design

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Could this Denver Restaurant be the First Ping Pong Eatery?

On Wednesday, August 1st, Denver, Colorado opened its doors to perhaps one of the only ping pong eateries around. Known as Ace, the highly anticipated restaurant boasts tons of open space, an open kitchen, a bar that leads to a patio, and most of all, a ping pong game hall inside and ping pong tables outside.

The unique restaurant is covered from head to toe with recycled and reused materials, for a truly distinctive look. While half of the menu is inspired by the film Big Trouble in Little China, the food is said to have an Asian influence, with “an emphasis on fresh juices and homemade ingredients and sodas” as reported by Eater.

Check out their website here for an exclusive look at their restaurant and what you can expect to eat.