Piñata Cake Stuffed with Lollipops, M&M’s, Jelly Beans & Wrapped Snickers


Let’s take a trip back into time: It’s your best friend’s 3rd-grade birthday party, and you’re in the backyard with colorful streamers, pizza stains on your favorite outfit, and a mouth painted in fruit punch. Then, someone’s mother announces, “It’s time for the piñata!” and kids line up to take a swing at the brightly-colored, paper mache figure hanging from up above the party. Now, you know what happens next: Everyone scrambles to grab their fill of sweets as the piñata rattles and all that priceless gold candy, falls to the ground.

Just short of getting an actual piñata at your next party, you can recreate that magical moment — with the Piñata Cake.


For those with a sweet tooth (or those who are just craving a bit of nostalgia), Victoria of A Subtle Revelry has created a sweet and unassuming cake filled with candy. But we’re not talking your standard chocolate filling here — we mean fully-wrapped snickers bars, lollipops, jelly beans and M&Ms. Curious about how she managed to make it all work? Impressed by her creative knack and artful design? Hungry and want the recipe? Peep the recipe here.

H/T: Incredible Things + PicThx A Subtle Revelry