How To Pair Your Favorite Seafood With The Right Beer

Shark Week is quickly approaching and the folks at Let’s Grab a Beer want to celebrate the occasion with a new graphic. Celebrating the multitude of seafood dishes soon appearing on restaurant menu’s the graphic pairs each one with a specific beer.

If you’re a fan of tuna, you might want to try a Pilsner. IPA enthusiasts may want to go for some crab cakes. Check out the graphic below and see what sea creature you should drink to.



How To Pair Your Favorite Dinosaur With Your Favorite Beer


With Jurassic World coming out this weekend, it’s safe to say most of us have dinosaurs on the brain. While you’re out enjoying drinks before the movie, why not put yourself in the footprints of the dinos themselves.

The folks at Let’s Grab A Beer designed a pretty charming infographic pairing popular dinosaurs with popular beers. Imagine a Tyrannosaurus Rex downing a pilsner or a Brachiosaur chugging a IPA.

Check out the graphic below and see what kind of dinosaur drinking buddy you have the most in common with.



Beck’s Tries for a Newer, Sleeker Look with Sapphire Beer

And, no, it’s not blue. Bummer, right? That would have been the selling point for me.

The selling points for normal people, though, are a little more practical. The golden pilsner-style beer, brewed by Beck’s, the number one German beer brand in the world, is made with the German-grown Saphir hops, giving it a distinctively smooth flavor. If you’re into that sort of thing. Tastiness.

It’s also brewed in accordance with an actual German law, Reinheitsgebot, the purity law over 500 years in effect. Reinheitsgebot allows for the use of just four primary ingredients in the brewing process. Plus, Sapphire comes in a cool black bottle, which apparently took Beck’s two years to make. So. There’s that.

The beer, taking a page from Budweiser’s super successful ‘Platinum’ campaign in late 2012 (note: Bud Light Platinum comes in a blue bottle. Is that ironic?), was debuted on New Year’s Eve in Chicago, LA, Miami and New York and introduced as a newer, sleeker higher ABV beer than its predecessors. Available now in high-end clubs and bars, as well as in grocery stores and liquor shops, Sapphire is sold in 12-ounce bottles in 6- and 12-packs.

Just keep an eye out for that black bottle. It’s supposed to be really nice.

PicThx: German Pulse