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Turn Yourself Into a Literal Burrito With These Food-Themed Blankets

The Simpson’s might be the most meme’d cartoon not named Spongebob Squarepants. It’s so meme-able that there’s a Twitter account that just tweets out-of-context Simpsons screenshots every day. But, the one that’s always stuck with me is Homer Simpson wrapped up in a blanket, impossibly content, and mumbling “Ahhhh, I’m just a big toasty cinnamon bun.” I think about it every time that I’m wrapped up in my blanket, dreading the thought of getting out of bed.

Well, thanks to the good folks at Gourmet Blankets & Company, I can now, literally, wrap myself in a giant cinnamon roll and pretend that I’m as comfy as Homer.

Just like the real thing, this cinnamon roll is soft, warm, and leaves you feeling like you just received a hug. There are other blankets too: pizza, donuts, burgers, and also baby sized, tortilla-patterned blankets to wrap your little one(s) up like a burrito.

Gourmet Blankets is doing more than just blankets, too. There’s pillows, slippers, pins, and much more, of all foods and sizes. They’ve got all your food-themed needs covered. 

What could produce a better night’s sleep than cozying up to a giant piece of bread? Not much for my carbo-loading self. Just look at how comfy Foodbeast’s very own managing editor, Reach Guinto, is catching some well deserved Z’s.


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Personally, I’m rocking the peach pin on my backpack as we speak, and I’ll be looking to cop a pair of those lettuce slides. If you see me pulling up to the corner store in a couple pieces of lettuce and some Nike socks, now you know why. 


Jelly Bean Scented Pillows Give You The Sweetest Dreams


Ever dream of drifting off to sleep with the smell of jelly beans filling your nostrils? Check out these Jelly Bellys jelly bean scented pillows! You can buy Tangerine, Cherry or Watermelon flavors on Amazon (HERE). They’re also being sold over at Costco, so for those who have a membership, head on over and scoop some up! For those of us who don’t have a membership, we just gotta keep shopping at our regular-ass non-bulk grocery stores which don’t sell jelly bean scented pillows because life isn’t fair you guys.


Written by Brittany High, Incredible Things


Comfy Cheesburger Stool Set

What’s a better way to bond with someone than over a cheeseburger? I know! Dining on a CHEESEBURGER on top of a CHEESEBURGER table while sitting on CHEESEBURGER stools! Unfortunately, these stools only stand 11” high so that means it was built for your toddler. Dagnabit! If grownups knew how to have more fun, they’d make’em in our size. ($160 @


Pancake Floor Pillows

A creation from Todd von Bastiaans in collaboration with Bryan McCarthy, these pancake floor pillows are on some next-level-furniture-having notions. The pillows are 36″ in diameter and each individual pancake is upholstered 2″ tempurpedic-type foam with digital printing. Along with the traditional cakes are other pancake styles with specific side details and 4″ foam.

Don’t forget about the butter topping. Can someone spot me $750?




Photorealistic Sushi Pillows

Like sushi — like lounging? These Sushi Pillows got you covered. Each one measures 15.5 inches in diameter, 6 inches tall and are made of 100% polyester. The oversized pieces of sushi will go well with an apartment that’s ready to say “Yes. We’ve decorated with Sushi Pillows.” All that I’m happy about is that I get to go face-down into a California Roll without feeling like a fat ass.

For added ambiance, use these when you’re eating sushi at your crib on those lonely weekday nights. Things won’t seem so terrible. ($17.99 @ PerpetualKid)


Bacon and Eggs Pillow Set

Did you know that bacon is the new black? Well if you didn’t, get with it. This Bacon and Eggs Pillow Set will remind you to eat your most important meal of the day and stay fashion forward. A little bacon never hurt anyone. Well besides the pig it came from that is. ($50.00 @ Etsy)