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Arby’s Just Made A Deep-Fried Turkey Pillow You Can Use Anywhere

Photo courtesy of Arby’s

One of the first things I do after Thanksgiving dinner is nap. A perfect storm of exhaustion from cooking all day, dodging hot-button topics from family, and a delightful food coma, a post-Thanksgiving rest is a tried and true remedy. 

This year, I won’t be waking up from that nap with a stiff neck. Arby’s has launched a new Deep Fried Turkey Pillow designed to help alleviate any discomfort during your cozy couch session. 

Photo courtesy of Arby’s

Technically a hat you can place on your head, the Fried Turkey-shaped accessory lets you gently lay your head down in any geographical situation. 

The definitely real item was introduced as part of a promotion with Arby’s new Deep-Fried Turkey sandwiches. 

You can order the pillows through for $59.95 while supplies last or possibly win one here. Holiday season aside, this thing definitely has utility throughout the rest of the year.


Take Your Food to bed With These Cuddly Oversized Produce Pillows


Yes, that is a giant carrot and yes it is indeed a body pillow. Sure, it’s a little weird but admit it, you’re into it. This Giant Carrot Body Pillow aka “4 Foot Stuffed Carrot for Loneliness” as its creator calls it, is being sold on Etsy by Jumbo Jibbles. Just as the name suggests this gigantic carrot is made for your comfort.

Do you still long for the carrot that got away? Its earthy smell and soft, fluttery leaves? When you were together, you felt so grounded. It was a healthy relationship. But now it is over.

The pillow is made with orange fleece stuffed with polyester fibers and bean bag filler so it’s soft enough to hug while it molds to your body. If you want to tone down the creepy factor that comes with spooning a giant carrot, the pillow can also be used as an Easter prop for an equally giant bunny. From leaf to tip the carrot measures 6 feet tall making it the perfect bedtime buddy.

If veggies aren’t your thing, Jumbo Jibbles also offers oversized fruit pillows including a somewhat questionable looking giant kiwi pillow…I’ll just leave this here:

kiwi pillow

Giant Carrot Body Pillow, $88 @ Etsy


Yes, I Would Like to Sleep in a Giant Croissant – Thanks Japan!


Sometimes I wonder how journalism works in Japan. In J-school (the first J), you’re taught each story has to answer the five basic W’s: who, what, when, where and why, but after a while, isn’t it easier to stop asking and simply understand it’s “because Japan, that’s why”?


Japanese mail order company Felissimo is currently selling sleeping bags that look like bread and pastries and omelets for reasons probably having to do with Japan’s obvious obsession with cute things and less to do with a latent national desire to transform into desserts (we’re guessing).


Guaranteed to envelop you in a “feeling of happiness and fluffy,” these sleeping breads come in four different varieties, from toast pillows with red “jam” blankets to a swirly cornet sleeping bag with a brown “chocolate” blanket.

The entire four-piece collection is now available from Felissimo for ¥16,000 ($162).

Now if only they came out with a “Cronut” edition.

H/T + PicThx Design Taxi


Is This Ham Leg Pillow the Adult Version of a Stuffed Animal Pig?

Confession time: I sleep with a stuffed animal. Gosig was an Ikea clearance rack pickup who quickly became the best body pillow a man could ask for. The fake dog physique is skinny and makes for a pillow shape that isn’t overstuffed like a regular body pillow, but the huge golden faux-triever cranium provides a comfortable headrest during slumber. My dog even thinks he is real sometimes, and once in a moment of boredom I stole him from behind my back and arranged him like a dog crouching and ready to pounce – perhaps hoping he would come to life.

Venezuelan artist Alejandro Kobiakov is taking on the realistic plush toy from a slightly different angle with his piece “Jamón ibérico de bellota” – a stuffed ham pillow that is a little too realistic for full sleepy-time comfort. What cute, cuddly name do you give to a dismembered, seasoned, and cooked ham leg? What happens when you wake up, still half asleep, and mistake it for food?

The pillow runs for the equivalent of $22, but unfortunately isn’t available to US buyers.

Jamón ibérico de bellota: $22 @Culismo

via Incredible Things


Pizza Pie Pillow

The rumors* are true. There’s a photo realistic Pizza Pie Pillow in rotation around couches and beds in the world, and this is what it looks like. Both the front and the back get the realistic pizza treatment. It measures 16″ in diameter and sits 4″ thick (holler — ladies**). This product is for all those times you wish your pillow looked like pizza. Now you don’t have to wish. ($30 @ FredFlare)

* There are no rumors

** Bad Joke


Realistic Cupcake Pillow

I already have an issue with drooling on my pillow during my sleep. The amount of moisture coming from my mouth during my slumber will increase 10-fold with this Realistic Cupcake Pillow. Sprinkles, chocolate batter, wrapping paper…all the necessities of a proper bed accessory. The cupcake/pillow measures 15″ x 17″ x 4″. Don’t eat it. Seriously, it would probably land you in the hospital. ($30 @ FredFlare)


Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert Pillow

I love ice cream. I love body pillows. I love it when I can sit in bed, hug a giant piece of ice cream, and not worry about getting super messy as the night goes on. Just like a good bed partner, this Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert Pillow is soft, pretty and measures 24″ x 12″ x 5″. It also doesn’t keep you awake with small talk. Oh snap, did I just say that? Cause I meant every word. The pillow is soft. ($30 @ FredFlare)


Mustard Pillow and Spill

Are you a foodie ready to accessorize your apartment or fun room? With these Mustard Spill Pillows, you can do just that! Made from Eco-Felt (100% recycled plastic bottles) and sits 14″ x 22″ is both soft and durable. Completely hand cut per order, and the “spill” comes separate, and is completely flat and gives that extra “Daaammmn that’s cool!” effect for your guests. ($35 @ diffractionfiber)