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‘Detective Pikachu’ Treats Are Popping Up At 7-Eleven Stores Nationwide

Hardcore Pokémon fans have been ecstatic waiting for the release of the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie. While most brands are still focused on Game of Thrones and Avengers collabs, 7-Eleven is rolling out treats featuring the cartoon electric mouse a little early.

The movie launches on May 10th, but you can already start finding themed foods and swag at 7-Eleven locations nationwide. These include a Mr. Mime “Mystery Flavor” Slurpee, which has fruity hints of orange. Those who guess the three flavors inside correctly can enter in a sweepstakes to get free Slurpees for an entire year.

There’s also a Hi-Hat Mocha, which is apparently based on Pikachu’s caffeine addiction from the film. Some locations will have chocolate sauce and sprinkles on the side for you to add into this drink to give it an extra sugar kick.

Other items available include Snubbull and Psyduck-themed chocolate bars, as well as Slurpee containers and coffee mugs featuring various Pokémon. Pokémon ready-to-bake cookies, cupcakes, and cookie decorating kits are also being sold.

All of the Detective Pikachu items will be available in stores for a limited time.

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PIKACHU CHURRO: Here’s Where To Catch This Adorable Dessert

With the Pokemon GO craze still going strong, a local dessert shop decided to have a little fun with their menu. The Loop, a do-it-yourself churro spot in Southern California, created these adorable Pikachu churros as a gag.


That gag got more than 10,000 likes on Instagram between three photos.

While The Loop currently didn’t serve the PikaChurro (the toothpicks used to hold the ears in place are a safety hazard) the owners knew they were onto something big. Co-owner of The Loop, Jed, had this to say:

With the huge response to the PIKACHURRO, we’re developing a way to sell it in store safely sans toothpicks. Our challenge is we get such high traffic, that we need to figure out an efficient way to serve and serve fresh, which we’re working on now. Hopefully, it will be available sometime soon this month.

Since we last spoke to Jed, he and his team have figured out a way to fashion the Pocket Monster Churro without using toothpicks – with Pocky Sticks.

Brilliant. The Loop began selling the PikaChurros on Monday, August 15. They’ll only be available Mondays through Fridays. Because of the insane popularity, the bright-yellow dessert typically sells out within the first 30 minutes of the store opening, said Jed.

We limit it to 25 per day, so they’re rare.

You can visit The Loop to get your churro and Pokemon fix – the place is a well-known PokeStop in the community.



YouTuber Explains Exactly How Pokemon Eat Food [HUMOR]

Pokemon GO has been out for a couple weeks no and everyone’s out reliving the Pokemon craze of their youths. Catching and battling Pokemon can be a draining experience, however, and you’re gonna want to feed your Pocket Monsters.

The dudes at Wassabi Productions created a video imagining how each Pokemon would eat if they were real. From Ekans to Jigglypuff, you get to see all your favorite Pokemon hilariously and horrifically brought to life as they try to get their grub on.

Check out the sketch.


These Chefs Show Us What Cooking Pokemon Would Look Like

The Pokemon GO craze doesn’t seem to be slowing down, and why would it? Everyone and their mothers are obsessed with this game.

That being said, there are also pockets of people here and there that straight up despise the game. Their reasoning for hating it varies greatly, from saying it’s childish to genuine concern for people’s safety. Either way, they’re not into it.

Whether these chefs fall under the former or the latter is hard to tell, but both sides can agree that this photo is hysterical regardless of your feelings on the game. Redditor shavot found this picture on a local restaurant’s Facebook page and, thankfully, shared it with the world. Not only do these chefs manage to cook all three starter pokemon (can you spot Bulbasaur?) including Pikachu, but they even take it a step further by cooking them in appropriate ways when considering their types. 

Love it or hate it, these chefs killed it. Or rather, them. And by them, I mean the smiling, innocent Pokemon.

Dinner’s ready!


Charmander over a flame and Squirtle going into a pot of boiling water are absolutely amazing, right up there with Pikachu getting his head chopped off and the row of Pokemon eggs waiting to be cracked and used. Even the Bulbasaur cameo is enough to warrant a hearty laugh. But the one that stood out to me the most, and is my favorite, is the complete decimation of Bellsprout. I think we all know that he’s going to end up as a garnish on some kid’s plate of chicken fingers.

Photo Credit: Reddit


Incredible Safari Tour Lets You Get Drunk While Catching Pokémon

Drink Up Columbus just announced that Actual Brewing in Columbus Ohio will be taking Pokémon players on an amazing adult adventure this Sunday, July 17.


Photo by Drink Up

This is definitely the most genius idea yet in our quest to catch ’em all, it’s a Pokémon Safari Beer Tour. The recently released Pokemon augmented reality game spawned many memes and even a drinking game.

Tickets are on sale here at a modest $37.50. It’s a 3-hour tour with beers included and the event description reads:

“On this 3 hour tour, we’ll visit intriguing PokéStops, hunt for elusive monsters, and act like this is all perfectly normal. There may be a chance to catch a rare beer in the wild.”

Fred Lee, the owner of Actual Brewing, is excited for this to go down as he told Drink Up: “I just want to catch them all and drink them all.”

He is also trying to figure out how to offer draft beer selections on the tour! One of their beers to be offered on the bus is their Lemongrass Saison which will be released this Thursday.

Our big kid Pokémon dreams just came true and it looks like we’re headed to Columbus Ohio, see you Monday!

Photo Credit:  Funky Junk


Adorable Hardboiled Egg Art Shaped Like Hello Kitty, Pandas, Baby Seals


We’re not saying the Japanese are a million times better than us at packing lunches. But it’s hard to argue the facts.

Take their hardboiled egg game for instance. Instead of tossing the white rubbery bulbs in plastic bags with a smidgeon of salt, the bento-loving Japanese soak them in food coloring and carve them to look like Pikachu. Or cover them with bits of seaweed to create mini oval pandas. Did we mention the upside down baby seal? Ugh, we die.

In case you don’t have enough time for DIY egg art though, you could always just buy these sumo egg cup legs. Or head over to Rocket News to appreciate more amazing eggs from people who do.

egg-art-5 egg-art-4 egg-art-3 egg-art-2


Pikachu-Themed Pokemon Cafe Opens in Japan, Explodes with Cuteness


Really surprised no one thought of this sooner. Turns out Japan is the home of the brand-new Pokemon restaurant called the Pikachu Cafe. Located in downtown Tokyo, the Pokemon-inspired eatery recently opened, driving fans of the 20-year-old franchise through the doors.

The Pikachu Cafe is decked out with tons of Pokemon art, mostly in promotion of the new movie Pokemon XY. Customers purchase tickets for the dishes they wish to order via vending machines. They then give their tickets to the cashier and place their orders.

Pokemon-Cafe-Dining Pokemon-Cafe-Order

While the wait is pretty long (expect up to 90 minutes), the novelty is probably enough to keep you inside until you’re ready to eat. Among the dishes are the Pikachu Teriyaki Burger, Pikachu Curry and Pikachu One Million-Volt Parfait.


Seemingly a regular teriyaki burger, the Pikachu burger is dressed to maximum cuteness. With tortilla chips as ears and the famous Pocket Monster’s face branded into the bun.


Similarly, the Pikachu Curry also features the popular Pokemon as the centerpiece of the dish. Mix with tumeric to give it a distinct yellow flavor, the rice is shaped into Pikachu’s head. Don’t expect anything too spicy either.


Finally for dessert, the One Million Volt Parfait is a mango pudding molded into the shape of the electric Pokemon’s head. It’s then layered with strawberry jam, whipped cream, fruit and corn flakes. Nothing out of this world, but cute.

Regardless, definitely something unique Pokemon fans off all ages should check out. Provided they can afford the trip out to Japan.


The closest we’ll get to eating a real Pokemon. Cause that’s why you catch them… right?


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