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Couple Adopts Pet Pig From SPCA, Later Slaughters It For Food

Killing your pets to use as food may seem like something the Donner Party would do, but a British Columbia couple did just that, turning their newly adopted pig into pork within a month of owning it.

The three-year-old Vietnamese potbellied pig, named Molly, came to the Cowichan branch of the SPCA following an animal cruelty investigation. She was later adopted by an unnamed couple in mid-January, according to Global News Canada. The couple quickly realized they had no idea how to properly raise a pig, however, and made the decision to slaughter and eat it last week instead of returning it to the SPCA.

The owners apparently sent out videos and pictures of them seasoning and preparing the pork on Snapchat, which is how word got out that the pig had been killed. Staff at the Cowichan SPCA were reportedly “devastated,” according to general manager of community relations Lorie Chortyk. “We would never adopt out an animal to be used for food,” she told Global News Canada.

While many feel like the couple should be charged for what they did, they were within their rights to kill the pig. “It’s not illegal to kill your own animal in Canada,” Chortyk explained. “Someone can take a gun and shoot their dog in the head and as long as the dog dies instantly, unfortunately there’s no law against that.”

The Cowichan SPCA did send constables out to the couple’s home, and confirmed that Molly was slaughtered humanely. As the pig wasn’t left to suffer, they won’t be facing any charges. However, the man who adopted her won’t be allowed back in the BC SPCA for the rest of his life.


Anthony Bourdain Savagely Jabs The Kardashians While Watching A Pig Get Slaughtered

There are few celebrity families hated as much as the Kardashians. Even Anthony Bourdain, who seems like the coolest guy — ever — took the time to jab at Hollywood’s most infamous family.

In one instance, during a Parts Unknown episode, Bourdain casually watched a pig get slaughtered and simultaneously started dropping hot fire about the Kardashian sisters.

For example:

“Even with the brain dead, the [pig’s] heart keeps on beating… sort of like … pick a Kardashian.” -Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown


He didn’t stop there. At one point, as someone was shaving off a pig’s hair, Bourdain commented:

“Date night at Khole’s house.” — Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown

Sick burn!

The footage from this episode is a bit on the graphic side, but probably isn’t any worse than an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

“Let’s hope Kanye never has to see this.” – Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown


TV Reporter Loses All Control When He Hears This Piggy’s Adorable Name


One of the top posts in Reddit’s video section is footage of a news anchor bursting into laugher over a pig. What’s so special about a pig that would make a seasoned professional lose his shit?

Chris P. Bacon, a pig born with malformed hind legs, uses a wheelchair-like contraption to move around. Unfortunately, his named plays on some pretty dark humor. Dark, delicious humor.

Serving as an inspiration to disabled kids, the pig goes around to various hospitals to cheer them up. Well, he definitely made this guy’s day. Watch.


Taco Bell Employee Writes ‘PIG’ On Cop’s Tacos, Immediately Fired


It might look like this employee wrote “pig” on this Taco Bell wrapper, but if you read between the lines it really says, “Fire me.”

According to KAKE, a Taco Bell employee was fired Sunday after thinking it’d be a great idea to write “PIG” on the wrapper of a Newton, Kansas police officer’s order of five soft tacos.

For those not familiar with the term, “PIG” is usually used in a derogatory manner towards law enforcement.

The officer spoke to the Taco Bell manager, got his tacos re-made and got a full refund on his order.

Taco Bell promptly fired the employee and said:

“We’ve of course apologized to him, all the Newton Police officers and, in fact, everyone in the community.”

Hopefully the employee wasn’t just trying to communicate that the tacos had bacon, or else it’d be really messed up firing.

h/t mashable

Fast Food

Burger King Drive-Thru Terrorized By Escaped Pig


So a porker walks up to a Burger King drive-thru… Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Actually, it’s a little more literally this time.

An escaped pig cause quite the commotion at a Pennsylvania Burger King. It was reported that the swine broke free from a local farm and wandered around until it reached the fast food restaurant. There, it blocked the drive-thru of the establishment and ran amok around the premises.

The pig allegedly bit one customer as they were trying to get its attention. Despite this incident, reports say that the pig was very friendly to the burger patrons.

One worker even took advantage of the pig’s amicable demeanor and tried feeding it bacon. The manager, however, advised against it.

Eventually, the pig was captured and returned to its owners.



Japanese Restaurant Specializing in Pork Appoints Pig as Manager, Obviously


People order pork dishes all the time at restaurants without a second thought. So what on earth could make one feel morally uncomfortable placing a request for a delicious pork sandwich? Maybe if it were served by an adorable live pig.

No, you didn’t misread.

A restaurant in Japan, aptly named Taboo, does exactly this. Miniature pig, Bao-kun, was deemed the official manager and mascot of Taboo. The porky entrepreneur sits in front of the small storefront and interacts with customers. Patrons can have their picture taken with the mini pig, pet it and even have him present when served their pork-heavy dishes.

Awkward, right?

While we’re pretty sure Bao-kun doesn’t actually handle the food that goes to customers, having the store manager-mascot within eyeshot still makes for a pretty guilty dining experience. Hopefully this little guy doesn’t eventually end up on Taboo’s menu.

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Sometimes, It’s OK to Eat Alone

Pig-Ice-Cream-HiRes-1 Pig-Ice-Cream-2

Picthx Richard Austin


These bread buns are absolutely perfect for future pulled pork sandwiches


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