Keebler Has a Mini Personal Pie Maker and It’s Magic

Pie Maker

There’s nothing like a nice hot pie for breakfast. But how the heck can you pull that off on a weekday when you’re already late for work? Pie Maker. The folks elves at Keebler now have a convenient, “Uncommonly Good,” pie maker for you to make mini pies with relative ease. Just set your crust out the night before, keep your ingredients on standby, bake your pies real quick the next morning and start your day off like the Keebler elves do.

Non-Stick and easy to clean, the machine makes up to four pies at a time. What you fill your pies up with is left to your imagination: Bacon-stuffed pies, blueberry pies, Sour Patch Kids and Sriracha — the possibilities are endless. It’s every wo/man-child’s dream. Though a recipe book is included for the uninspired.

The Keebler Personal Pie Maker, $25.22 @Amazon


Hello Kitty Pocket Pies Could Be Breaking Some Cuteness Laws

Utilizing a Hello Kitty cookie cutter to cut out the shape of the famous illustrated-cat icon, amazing food blogger Michele has taken cuteness to an entirely new level. 

The eyes made perfect vents that kept the little Hello Kitties from getting soggy. The ones shown here has apple pie filling, but I’m sure they would be tasty with other kinds of pie filling such as blueberry, cherry, or lemon. For more detailed information, and to see more Hello Kitty inspired creations make sure to jump through to Michele’s blog!


Grill Pocket Press

Ready to make mini-pies without breaking a sweat? With this Grill Pocket Press, not only can you get your dough cut to the perfect circumference, you can easily put together a tiny pie, pizza (calzone) or empanada to a .125″ thickness. The lid can be used to cut the bottom of the dough, making it easy to situate into the bottom of the press. Once the dough is in place, you’re free to fill it with multiple tablespoons of your favorite filling before placing another piece of dough over the filling, lidding the entire contraption and laying it out on your grill.

20-25 minutes and one turn later in the oven, you’ll get golden brown pies filed with whatever your heart desires. The unit is top-shelf dishwasher safe. ($10 @ SurLaTable)